How to Take Pictures/ Videos on the iPod touch 4g or iPad 2 in Low-Light Situations

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25 Responses to How to Take Pictures/ Videos on the iPod touch 4g or iPad 2 in Low-Light Situations

  1. carboman100 says:

    hahah! nice! we both have wide angle lenses on our isights!! so does your
    lens come off?? because if not you cant close it , which would suck, mine
    comes off…

  2. Igenerally says:

    you could have shared your pass code with us trust, LOL it worked we see
    you clearly nice 😀

  3. cheats589 says:

    easy at settings on genral

  4. Gaylen Floy says:

    Very creative use of Accessibility features! YAY!

  5. JamiesDroid says:

    AMAZING, thank you!

  6. Georgi Atanasov says:

    you are genious (i might typed that wrong)

  7. Robert Fates says:

    How do you put a passcode on your camera or your photos??

  8. Mac's Films says:

    dude what happen to your MacBook! it’s all yellow! P.S. take an eraser to
    erase it!

  9. fingerSNB says:

    how tall are you? 🙂

  10. lovetodance098 says:

    thats realy cool

  11. ImJustKyian says:

    @MixioMaxio but what if you’re walking around outside at night? or your
    power’s out? then what do you do? trololol

  12. Zharia Ela says:

    Thank God U saved My Life loll but it just like THANK YOU

  13. greyhoundgrl1 says:

    Thx that is really awesome and really helpful

  14. Newrev says:

    aww…. i got the 2G

  15. jose vargas says:

    Have that same case

  16. Brandi BabyCakes says:

    omg i tryed doin this but i didnt have the Acceptability or something like
    tht i really need help!! 😮

  17. Marylou Joly says:

    Thats GENIUS!! Thxx i’ll definitely film in Low light with my iPod touch
    now! 🙂

  18. HWCproductions1 says:


  19. ImJustKyian says:

    @neffbox you have to be jailbroken & get this thing called “lockdown pro”

  20. Lilly Gomez says:

    Omg thank you soo much!! This helped a lot!

  21. Masmas262001 says:

    you are cool

  22. MixioMaxio says:

    @fingerSNB He’s 5′, I asked him that a while ago.

  23. EV7SOCCER says:

    Nice video man. U really helped a lot 🙂

  24. RocketPeanutbutter says:

    So u have to use the front face camera?

  25. tori patterson says:

    your such a genius

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