photography facts for my photography essay, please?

Question by nicole: photography facts for my photography essay, please?
How has photography evolved?
What were the first cameras called?
Who are some famous photographers?
Any other photography facts, please

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Answer by Vegas Jimmy
Photography has evolved from the “camera obscura,” a box big enough for a person to get in to with first a pinhole in one side, and later a lens, that would focus the light from a scene on the opposite wall, which would then be traced by the artist in the box and painted on canvas.

With the invention of a way to “freeze” the image by chemical-mechanical means in the early part of the nineteenth century, photography came into it’s own. With the advent of digital photography in the latter part of the twentieth, and especially the first decade of the twenty-first centuries, the ability to capture an image and print it to paper has evolved to the present state.

The most famous photographers so far have all been from the age of film, and in the latter half of the twentieth century were mostly photographers who published in “Life” magazine. Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Karsh of Ottawa, Capa, Moholy-Nagy, Horst, Avedon, Steichen and Stieglitz were the “guiding lights.”

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