Brooke Shaden Interview Part 1: How to Succeed in Fine Art Photography

Brooke Shaden Interview Part 1: How to Succeed in Fine Art Photography

Article Link: The highly successful and creative fine art phot…

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21 Responses to Brooke Shaden Interview Part 1: How to Succeed in Fine Art Photography

  1. Gina Cupi says:

    that was a good, informative story

  2. Cloud Orchid Magazine says:

    Most of you know by now we love Brooke Shaden Photography we found this new
    video from SLR Lounge.

    Interesting interview talking about what she does and how to succeed in
    Fine Art Photography.

  3. Alexander JE Bradley says:

    Such an amazing artist, such a fantastic interview. It was really
    informative and helpful for other photographers in the same field. I love
    the last peice of advice, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a
    little lately and the way Brooke talks about it nails it on the head.

  4. Julio Guarquila says:

    Thank you. Learning a lot from you.

  5. Rick Taylor says:

    Good stuff!…. looking forward to the creative live workshop!

  6. Peter Bargh says:

    Very inspiring, thanks.

  7. niiquaye1 says:

    wow, its an important point he gave and am into that line of art this year.
    am very grateful for her thoughts to us

  8. Christopher Oneil says:

    I have seen so many interviews with her and she is really amazing. Her work
    is beautiful and she has some insperational points and attitude. I hope to
    get one of her peices to hang up in my studio one day. Really amazing fine
    art photographer.

  9. BOBMAN1980 says:

    “I had a degree in English and a degree in Film Making, so I was
    well-equipped to tell stories.” She seems great, but that’s a really
    hubristic and naive statement.

  10. Luminous Views says:

    Wanna know what a real artist who prints his own images and sells em at
    fine art shows on the streets you live on (so he can pay the bills)? Click
    on my youtube and see how the definition of success by the standards of
    trust funds is FAR from reality.

  11. Bulandai Rainbow says:

    Great interview…Very inspiring… *like**like**like*

  12. Sam NG says:

    She’s simply telling her story, and how her degrees helped her base her own
    situation and view point.

  13. TheInvisibleCactus says:

    This was such a wonderful interview!

  14. DarkAngelEU says:

    great interview, mediocre photographs. Standards are really low these days

  15. Antony Northcutt says:

    Can’t wait for creativeLIVE !!! Thanks for such an enjoyable 21 minutes 🙂

  16. michael mckee says:

    And she looks so normal and nice. I’m glad she’s not. Awesome photos on her

  17. Acquavallo says:

    Fine art my ass. This shit is wedding photography and stuff

  18. Rotpig says:

    Such a pretentious and arrogant person. The sun does not shine out of your
    ass, besides what all the shits around you keep saying.

  19. Kevin Nyguyen says:

    i’d fuck her brrrrraaaaaaiiiiiins out! XD

  20. Mr.Marvin L. Washington says:

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