Off Camera Flash Photography Introduction

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25 Responses to Off Camera Flash Photography Introduction

  1. 345hott says:

    ahhh! great tutorial man, your the only person who really spent time explaining the exposing of the ambient light first then add in the flash, definitely deserves a like and sub from me!

  2. Jarryd M says:

    Thanks man! I subbed.. This helped me ALOT

  3. Sean McLean says:

    Good job on your tutorial 🙂
    Honestly I enjoyed that very much. Thanks!

  4. Nicholas Ditsas says:

    Out of all the videos on flash photography ive seen, your the first to break it down so well! Great job!!

  5. 20rockypoint says:

    Do you know why the d90 pop up flash won’t work when i put on an old bayonet mount lense?The shutter will not work when flash is up, but when the flash is down it works just fine. Is that normal when using an old lens or is there a bigger issue with something?Thank you

  6. 20rockypoint says:

    Pop up flash on d90 can support hyper sync for off camera sb900 when custom settings are set to commander mode and — are set for mode.

  7. Tanka Neopaney says:

    Sir, You have helped me a lot with this video. Thanks a lot. I have one question since couple of days about buying external flash. I have Nikon D5100 and i am interested in SB700. I have heard people talking about commander mode and all but can’t understand all those stuffs. Can you please tell me what can i do with this flash with my d5100 ? I am trying to shoot photos keeping some kind of light in side of my subject but not only from front which i have now as inbuilt flash.Thanks in advance.

  8. CamCrunch says:

    If your’e going to be using the pop up flash, I believe you wont be able to go higher than 1/200th. If I remember correctly, you have to use a SB900/910 as a commander to be able to do the high speed sync with your CLS system.

  9. 20rockypoint says:

    Thank you for the instant reply. Might have a real problem though. Have set the Auto FP to ON in custom settings menu of d90. Set the shutter speed to 500 and it resets to 200 when the pop up flash is opened and won’t go any higher. What am i forgetting?Thank you

  10. CamCrunch says:

    The Pocket Wizard Flex system or the YN622 from Yongnuo will support HSS with Nikon

  11. 20rockypoint says:

    Thank you for your quick reply. Which Yong nuo will support HSS with d90 and sb900? Do i need to go to another brand? Do you have a recommendation? It’s been a while, i must have been using the second sb900 to trigger the slave when shooting last summer. Thank you.

  12. CamCrunch says:

    The RF603 do not support HSS.

  13. 20rockypoint says:

    Hi, can i use my yongnuo 603’s for high speed sync with my d90 and sb900? I thought i had done this in the past, but for some reason my d90 is not going into auto FP when set to ON in the custom menu. What am i doing wrong?

  14. christianawsum says:

    Do you live in the Philippines? 🙂

  15. CamCrunch says:


  16. John McInerheney says:

    Your tutorials help me a lot with my photography. Keep up the good work!

  17. Eliana Carrillo says:


  18. Marque177 says:

    HEY! just wondering, are you Filipino?

  19. BrianHavokHogan says:

    thank you for dumbing things down for dummies like me! this honestly helped tons

  20. IntegrityTalent says:

    great job breaking down the basics and using prime examples. Best explanation I’ve heard yet.

  21. First Photography Tips says:

    Photography is a passion of mine, and I am so grateful for such great insight. You’ve made my day, so thanks! If you would like to take a look at my beginner photography tips, do check out I’d really apreciate your comments… Thanks!

  22. Gosenism says:

    Thumbs up for the shirt!

  23. Radu Andreyi says:

    there is no such thing as infinity from a scientific point of view

  24. Dave Hall says:

    seriously, agree with other David. very smart kid, mature sense for aesthetic practices, and really helpful tutorials. thanks man.

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