How To Photograph The Milky Way or Die Trying BTS

An in-depth behind the scenes look at our attempts to photograph the Milkyway. We don’t consider ourselves experts, but we get asked all the time what our se…
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9 Responses to How To Photograph The Milky Way or Die Trying BTS

  1. Ricardo Fonseca says:

    Is better to shoot the milky way with the full moon or half moon ?

  2. cwetfeet says:

    Thsi link is usefull for finding a dark sky in your area

  3. NameIsNotWrittenHere says:

    It’s Blackmill - Miracle

  4. Augusto Ferreira says:

    Thank you for the video, very helpful!

  5. Philip Jones says:

    In a dry climate condensation might not be an issue but its a good idea to avoid setting up on a grassy surface and keep upwind of any trees. Vegetation can kick out a lot of moisture that will settle all over your kit. A lens-warmer as used on telescopes is also a good idea.

  6. mrhighspeedman says:

    Great video, really helpful. I also liked the Burn Fetish instrumental in the beginning. XD

  7. 07061990scrapbook says:

    thanks guys awesome stuff

  8. MOODEVO says:

    this is an amazing video, thanks a lot for posting it.

  9. bbairl888 says:

    My favorite tool is Starwalk for iOS devices. It is a lot easier and quick to use to find out times and locations for sunrise/sunset, moon rise/set and milky way. It also don’t require internet connection to find out the info.

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