name for a photography business?

Question by javagrl: name for a photography business?
So, I’m taking a business class, and we have to create a business report for a small business. I’m doing a photography business and I have no idea on a name. The business focuses on weddings, but does other portraits and events as well. I actually want to be a photographer, so I may use it for future use if possible. My name is Alaine, nickname is Lainey-I don’t know if I should include either. any advise will help, thanks!

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Answer by Butterfly Lover
How about Picture Perfect?

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  1. snosh says:

    picturn this, captured, frozen in time,remembered always

  2. thatallamericangirl says:

    Lasting Memories
    Lainey’s Lasting Memories
    Photography by Lainey
    Your Big Day Photography
    Eventful Photography
    Alaine (last name here) Photography
    Dreams and Images Photography
    Photographic Dreams
    A(Last NAme Initial) Photography – For instance A.D. Photography
    Maybe name your business after your region. So something along the line of Northwest Photography, Central Photography, New England Photography.
    If you live on a beach, Coastal Memories
    A Perfect Memory
    Dynamic Stills Photography
    Moments Defined

    I’m not sure what you are going for exactly I hope these help though.

  3. rosie says:

    Color& image
    Perfect image
    Fotography in style

  4. lydieeeee says:


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