70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review

Buy the 70D: http://amzn.to/1653aFw TABLE OF CONTENTS (click Show More): * Frames per second: 1:33 * Buffer and memory cards: 2:46 * Focusing: 9:07 * Image q…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to 70D vs 7D vs 5D Mark III: Canon Wildlife & Sports Camera Review

  1. randomrazr says:

    torn between a nikon d610 or a canon 70D

  2. Mitchell Moss says:

    they still only resolve about 1/3rd of the 20 megapixels thanks to bayer

  3. darkcashyz says:

    70D does have an on-screen audio monitor feature even when shooting.

  4. Rene Stanneveld says:

    Must be me but my 70d has nice db meters while i make video.
    Can even adjust them.

  5. Pierre Augustin says:

    Blablabla and zzzzzzz…

  6. tietanus says:

    i’ve watched this for forty minutes and i’m not even into camera’s 

  7. InfinityNERDS says:

    I found the camera, thought it was your arm for half the video.

  8. Greg R says:

    nice video! I was surprised to be still watching it 35min later especially
    with that shirt/hat combo 😛 and yeah, I actually bought a used 7D
    yesterday on eBay, for $750. should work well with the 300/4L IS, but I
    might start looking at even longer lenses. too bad that past 400mm the
    price goes through the roof.

  9. MuahMan says:

    A77 with 100-400G II = 12 fps with focus of 24.3 megapixel goodness. But I
    hit buffer after 19 shots, then delay.

  10. Lee Ding says:

    real life comparison plz

  11. Yogesh Sarkar says:

    Excellent video review and comparison of #Canon 70D, 7D and 5D Mark III for
    Wildlife and Sports #Photography

  12. chucky greeny says:

    If your an dedicated wildlife/sports/birding I recommend an used 1d mark 4
    over the 3 other cameras or even an 1dx for bird shooters cause AF is
    faster, 10 fps, 1.3x crop AND iso performance as good as 1ds iii/5d ii. I
    know it usually costs around 3000$ usd but if your lucky you can find a few
    around 1550$ (kijiji) :-)

  13. christopher cowan says:

    The 7D can now run some of the magic lantern features. The 70D at this time
    doesn’t. I know this is about wildlife photography but on a side note for
    video 5D mark III on magic lantern and WOW!

  14. Robert Curtis says:

    Would love to see you do a wildlife shoot and comparison with the canon 1dx

  15. Orwell 1984 OhWell 2014 says:

    This video is incredible, thank you.
    At around 17:40 don’t you think the 7D is showing better image quality?
    Look at the difference in detail and color in the threads on the bear. And
    just before then, when comparing the 5D Mark III, if you zoomed in further
    so the Bear’s eye is the same size, would the quality of the 70D have still
    looked better?

  16. Scott Anderson says:

    Wow, I was looking for your Canon 70D Camera Review (vs 7D, 5D Mark III, 5D
    Mark II): Video Recording video and ended up on this. I have basically zero
    interest in wildlife photography, but your video was so well done, so
    detailed, and your personality is great (reminds me of a digital
    photographer version of Bob Ross. Do you take photos of happy little
    trees?) that I ended up watching the entire 41 minute video. I think I’ve
    probably watched 3 videos on youtube over 30 minutes in my life. Well done
    sir. You have yourself another subscriber.

  17. Joel Bastian says:

    70D focusing for video is better than any auto focusing DSLR right now..
    cuz of the introduction of the dual pixel AF sensor. and the touch to focus
    is awesome.. its like your own follow focus system without the extra $$$.
    too bad they couldn’t introduce it on the 5D mark III .. now all DSLRS
    useres are expecting to have it on every DSLR that comes out.

  18. Keegan Jay O'Neill says:

    pros never use autofocus for video

  19. Zoran Zivanovic says:

    The cheap SD & the expensive SD got the same amount or shots because they
    were both the same class of SD (Speed) Class 10.

  20. rodrigo morales says:

    70D is not a replacement for 7D…. 70d is replacing 60D and Canon will
    announce a 7D Mark II for 2014.

  21. Peter FitzSnuggly says:

    Just viewed this vid – Great Advice – I have the 7D & 400- 5.6 & they are
    You can also get a 1DII for a bit less than a 7D used which gives great
    results but only 8mps. Still good enough for A3 in need + you can add a
    1.4TC (taking the lens to f8) & the 1DII body will still auto focus. Note
    1DII is a 1.3 crop.

  22. frank wong says:

    7D are all F5.6 crossed , 5D3 most are F4 crossed . does it really affect
    for performance while focus using those point with lens where F5.6 or
    slower ?

    F4 tele lens are quite expensive LOL~ 

  23. Keith Baty says:

    Great video, help me out a lot.

  24. Fake Produser says:

    yes very good thanks good teacher straight to the point

  25. Pablo Verbel says:

    What do you think about the Nikon d800? 36 mp and has crop mode. 

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