MyStudio Jewelry Photography Tips and Techniques – Pt. 1

MyStudio Jewelry Photography Tips and Techniques - Pt. 1

More info at To buy this photo studio and jewelry kit search for “MyStudio MS20J” at or B&H Photo. Tips from a profession…

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25 Responses to MyStudio Jewelry Photography Tips and Techniques – Pt. 1

  1. Evie Tarquin says:

    I was having such a problem the background color. Anything I was using to
    lay the jewelry on did not work, the color always changed once I downloaded
    the photo , but when you put the items on that “dated” stand, I said YES!!
    I have plenty of those – put it on the stand and it solved my coloration
    problems. Thank you for taking your time and posted the video. Evie

  2. rakettfua says:

    @mystudiobyprocyc Great answer. Thanks! I agree with you. Flash can often
    be too much. What shutter speed and aperture do you normally use together
    with the light tent? Perhaps I can use my external flash, or some lamp,
    from the top to light up the tent instead of the jewelry piece? 🙂

  3. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    It is an older Canon Powershot SX100 IS. It is not made anymore. The camera
    was used to show that you can get good photos even with a consumer level
    camera, however I would recommend that you purchase at least an entry level
    DSLR camera for product or jewelry photography. You will have much more
    control over your photography and better final quality.

  4. rakettfua says:

    Do you ever use the flash for jewelry photography? Does the “tent” and
    other lights make the flash unnecessary?

  5. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    @Fantamonkey – the answer is the best camera and lens that I have
    available. To get the best photos I would recommend at least using a DSLR
    camera (one with interchangeable lenses). Canon and Nikon both make good
    entry level DSLR’s with decent kit lenses (you would want to use the max
    zoom on the kit lens). Even better would be to use a Macro lens as
    MDCCCLXXIV suggested.

  6. Jaffer Baig says:

    hi i am jaffer from INDIA i like the tutorial wich camera model u have
    youse taken those images canon model

  7. Digvijay Singh says:

    i loved this video so much

  8. Algis Morales says:

    Great video, thank you!

  9. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    Hi Cheryl, yes you can purchase the “MyStudio MS20J” kit from Amazon, B&H
    Photo, or Adorama Camera.

  10. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    @1OliviaJay – I would use the 50mm. The lens most likely has a larger
    aperture than the 18-55 so you can get shallower depth of field and faster
    shutter speeds, and the longer lens you have the more you will compress the

  11. Fantamonkey says:

    What camera do you use when shooting jewelry please?

  12. Sufiyan Ahmad says:

    thnx for the great upload, i am the owner of two jewelley shop,and i just
    bought canon 1100D 18-55, 55-250 for jewellery purpose. and planning to buy
    macro lens also, i was told that i need a external flash around $273, but i
    guess after seeing this video has saved my money and will build light tent
    like this since its not available in India i guess. it really helped, and
    will share my experiance once will have hands on all equips.

  13. Guna Sreedevi says:

    I am looking for such a kind of a photo table. Where can i buy this
    MyStudio MS20J table top.Would appreciate if you can Kindly guide me about
    the whole set up pls. Thank you.

  14. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    Hi Guna, you can purchase the “MyStudio MS20J” kit from Amazon, B&H Photo,
    or Adorama Camera. You can also purchase it from our website. The link is
    above in the Info section of the video.

  15. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    @rakettfua – It really depends on the shape of the piece of jewelry and the
    look I am going for. If it is rather flat, say a bracelet lying flat or
    just the face of a watch, I will start around F/4 or so, and about 1/20 or
    1/30 shutter speed and then adjust from there (obviously use a tripod with
    slow shutter speeds like that). If it is an intricate ring or something
    where I need a lot of depth I will usually go F11. Shutter speed will
    depend on your lighting source if you’re using your own.

  16. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    @rakettfua – I avoid using flash when photographing jewelry. Jewelry is
    generally highly reflective and flash often creates blown out (overexposed)
    areas or “hot spots” which create a harsh overall look to the jewelry and
    take away detail. Soft, even light is preferred which is why I’m using the
    MyStudio MS20 photo studio. So yes, I definitely recommend using the
    MyStudio MS20 or similar light box or tent to create wrap around lighting.

  17. sanjay parmar says:


  18. vladimer putin says:

    thank you very mach for tippss !!!

  19. Jack Hammer says:

    I agree with you. I’m sure it’s much easier to photograph jewelry (or other
    small objects) using a stand or prop, rather than trying to photograph them
    directly from above. You would need a whole new setup.

  20. 1OliviaJay says:

    heya love the vid which lens should I use i have a 18-55mm and a 50mm

  21. Cheryl Romer says:

    Truly enjoyed your video and tips. Is there a kit I can purchase such as
    yours? Thank you! Cheryl

  22. MDCCCLXXIV says:

    I would probably use a 90 or 100mm macro lens. Can have more distance
    between the object and less distorsion

  23. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios says:

    @Muilkorfje – Thanks for the comment. You are right in the sense that most
    jewelry photos do not actually show the items on a display stand. However,
    the purpose of most of the props in the jewelry kit are to enable you to
    hang or position your jewelry in a natural manner so they are easier to
    photograph in close, usually without the actual prop showing. The majority
    of the final photos in the video also only show the piece of jewelry rather
    than the whole stand. The props just help.

  24. Antoinette Mendoza says:

    I loved the tutorial!!

  25. Sushant Madye says:

    Canon 600D with 60MM micro lens is it ideal camera for Jewelry Photography
    with ur MyStudio MS20j kit?

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