Learn Wedding Photography: Posed Pictures in a Church

More info at: http://www.fstoppers.com/weddingdvd This is a short excerpt from the 14 hour long wedding tutorial: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wed…
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25 Responses to Learn Wedding Photography: Posed Pictures in a Church

  1. gr murugan says:

    very nice and new technique i ever not seen in india chennai church so far,
    and church not allowed 

  2. Mark Treen says:

    Tips for using studio #flash indoors for big group. #Photography
    His title says wedding but it works for anything.

  3. Barky Von Schnauzer says:

    At least you figured it out, that’s what we get paid for.

  4. neirad537 says:

    I’ve bounce light with a 250 in a high ceiling church with no problem. You
    may need to increase the ISO a bit but it will work with little to no noise

  5. Chris Helms says:

    In those instances where it’s an all wood/off-color paint church would you
    bring out a big bedsheet to bounce light off of, or massive 4×8 pieces of
    foam core, or a v-flat or two? Something like that?

  6. JM Lubag says:

    this is a freaking great tip! thanks!

  7. gotDesign says:

    soft light? I see some harsh shadow on some of those shot…

  8. Patrick Hall says:

    Usually not, I can’t fit a large studio sized V-flat in my SUV and without
    a ladder, there really isn’t any way or time to hang a bed sheet. If you
    absolutely cannot bounce light then the next best options is to use large
    collapsible umbrellas that you can shoot through. They are fast, provide a
    large soft light, and if you gang 2 of them up near each other you can
    provide large soft light similar to bouncing off a big wall.

  9. Fstoppers Fans says:

    Yeah you really can’t do this effectively. For one, in most cases your base
    exposure still has some ambient light contributing to the image. If you
    gelled your flash you would have to kill all the ambient otherwise you’d
    have a crazy two tone color cast. Also, it’s very very tough if not
    impossible to “reverse” the bounce flash color with gels. Your best option
    is to directly light the group from far away as close on axis as possible
    to avoid shadows on people in the group

  10. TheTorontoist says:

    Great lesson in how NOT to shoot a wedding – the photos are pretty bad.
    Might appeal to a massive gear-head – not so much to a decent photographer
    or a discriminating client.

  11. GarGuitar83 says:

    If I were you, I’d do some research on Pentax models. They perform very
    well, out-performing comperable Canon and Nikon models in some areas of
    performance. And all (or nearly all) Pentax Lenses can be used on any
    Pentax camera…so they are easy to find used. I’ve been using Pentax for
    years and have been very happy with them. AND they are a fraction of the
    cost of the other two big name brands. Just an idea…

  12. Fstoppers Fans says:

    If you bought Hurley’s, shoot us an email. You must have missed the
    preorder 🙂

  13. Ana Maria Mendez says:

    Muchas gracias

  14. pursueadventure says:

    Any talk of a bundle deal Peter Hurley + wedding?

  15. Patrick Hall says:

    If you shoot RAW you can change the white balance in Lightroom to get a
    better color result. If you are bouncing off reddish walls, you will have
    to cool the entire WB and then tweak the green/magenta slider until the
    colors start looking normal to the eye

  16. Fstoppers Fans says:

    I have done this before if the ceremony is completely dark and the ceilings
    are too high for normal bounce flash with speed lights. As long as the
    flash is firing into the ceiling, most people can’t tell it’s way more
    powerful than a normal point and shoot camera, it just looks like flash to
    them. It would be distracting if you took 100 photos with it during the
    ceremony, I just save it for processional, recessional, first kiss shots
    and shoot natural the other times.

  17. Hector Rivera says:

    Nobody paying $300 bucks dude insane. You learn in YouTube free !!! Profoto
    ?? Alien bees baby !!

  18. Patrick Daniel says:

    Hi, is that Tamron 17-50 2.8 that you are using?

  19. Mark Treen says:

    The only exception to this would be if ambient was also significant in the
    background and that background was significantly diferent color then the
    bonuced light. Then changing the WB in post isn’t an option unless you
    masked/brushed it on each picture. In this case you’d need a gel on the

  20. PacerIIk says:

    Regarding bouncing off wood, can you us gels to help with the WB?

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  22. Bradley Henderson says:

    Does this type of effect need a 1000w head to overpower the ambient? Would
    it be pointless trying this with a 400w or 500w?

  23. Flavio Presutti says:

    Great video!

  24. legendaryphotoz says:

    excellent video.. very interested in full dvd where can i get it?

  25. Steve Solis says:

    This is great! I wonder how lights mounted on the celing of churches would
    work (if possible of course). I know in arena sports, we use strobes from
    the top and it lights up the court well. But I love this idea. Thanks!

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