My wildlife photography gear

What I take out with me on a day trip.

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9 Responses to My wildlife photography gear

  1. Ray Mustaine says:

    you make a lot of sence!!! thanks for this vid!!!

  2. Fabian André Pape says:

    Thanks for this vid! Im thinking about the sigma lens as abirtjday present for mysel;)

  3. baraembrace says:

    funny how i never thought of getting a camo blanket or what one call it and make a lense hood myself. Thx for showing! glad i accidently came across this video

  4. [HiddenName] says:

    do you think it is good idea to wear camouflage in areas where people are hunting? – wont it be dangerous?

  5. baraembrace says:

    do u have any images one can see on flickr or so?

  6. pianoman6639 says:

    Thanks for a great video some brilliant tips here to follow

  7. andrewinpompey says:

    Sensible ‘real life’ comments on wildlife photography!

  8. TheYasser7000 says:

    good review 🙂 love ur videos 🙂

  9. MrAjwild says:

    sorry about wearing black… didn’t think.. oops

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