Better Ebay Photos – Ebay Photography Tips

Better Ebay Photos - Ebay Photography Tips

In this video I will show you 3 tips on how to have better ebay listing photographs. Powerful Picker on Facebook: I will show you how …
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25 Responses to Better Ebay Photos – Ebay Photography Tips

  1. nami2 says:

    nice video. Is the photo with photoshop edited?

  2. PowerfulPicker says:

    Im glad it helped :)

  3. Tami Robertson says:

    That is awesome. VERY helpful!!!

  4. jehcrazyjehcmy says:

    anyone know how to do this with picasa?

  5. PowerfulPicker says:

    Thanks man. It works the same in any program that has a levels adjustment. What is the program that comes with the windows or that you have to edit photos? Im curious so I can help out other people with windows.

  6. The Brooklyn Hustle says:

    Good video, too bad I dont use MAC

  7. PowerfulPicker says:

    No problem retro Thanks for watching 😀 Hope you are doing well!

  8. retrosmurfvillage says:

    Awesome Tim, Thank you so much, I did not know how to do that. Great video. Thank you so much! and TFS.

  9. PowerfulPicker says:

    Thanks! Thanks for watching 😀

  10. PreviouslyLovedGoods says:

    Good video. Thx

  11. PowerfulPicker says:

    lol its the worst man

  12. Teen Picker says:

    lol I see people taking pictures with their feet in the frames all the time!!

  13. Linda DuLac says:

    You have no idea! This week alone I finished that video for Hailey and Sue from a past creativeLIVE, watched James Wedmore for YouTube Marketing, tomorrow I’m watching Roberto Valenzuela and every night I watch 28 Days of Sue. I’m officially hooked, but I’m loving every minute and learning more in those classes than I have in any learning institution I’ve ever been a part of! :-)

  14. Linda DuLac says:

    Cool beans, I’ll totally check both out! When I’ve crossed off a bunch of my todos I’ll use that as a reward, lol! 🙂

  15. PowerfulPicker says:

    Its worth a watch. There is a youtube channel for it so you dont have to watch on his site 🙂

  16. Linda DuLac says:

    I hadn’t really heard of Chase until creativeLIVE, but he seems awesome. I’ve heard them mention ChaseJavisLIVE, but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. It’s on my list, lol! 🙂

  17. PowerfulPicker says:

    creative live is addicting lol

  18. PowerfulPicker says:

    Creative LIVE for the win lol. Chase Jarvis was one of my inspirations before he started it. Did you ever check out cjlive?

  19. Linda DuLac says:

    So true, Tim! 🙂 That’s awesome you went to photography school! I myself have not been, although I did take a few classes. Now I watch online classes free on creativeLIVE! 🙂 I LOVE it!

  20. PowerfulPicker says:

    Great tips Linda. I know a good bit about all that from going to photography school but thought it might be a little to much for one video 😛

  21. Linda DuLac says:

    As far as lighting goes you can cut down on the shadows by using a reflector, but there’s no need to get fancy. Basically you make a triangle, put your product in the middle, then aim the light at it as you did, then have something at the other point of the triangle. It can be as simple as bouncing it off an adjacent white wall or even a poster/foam core board. This helps fill in the shadows and bounces more light back at your subject. 🙂

  22. PowerfulPicker says:

    Thanks Uptown 😀 😀 😀 I appreciate the kind words. Just trying to help a fellow picker in anyway I can.

  23. Uptown Scarlett says:

    Tim, you are a great guy!
    Y’all, I was making a HUGE problem when editing my photos in PS.
    Tim came along and pointed out what I was doing wrong. He took the time to help me, and I cannot thank him enough! Tim, you are an amazing person, and if I can ever help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask me for anything!

  24. PowerfulPicker says:

    Glad it helped Roxy 😀

  25. Roxy Curone says:

    Hey, great tips!! I knew about the first two, but not the histogram! I don’t have a mac but am certain all my photo tools have this step…I know my camera does. Just didn’t know what a histogram was used for!! Thanks!

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