Make Kodak P880 shutter speed faster?

Question by chombli72: Make Kodak P880 shutter speed faster?
I have a Kodak P880 digital camera and the time between pictures is super long. Does anyone know how to change the shutter speed and which one is the fastest for faster picture taking? Thanks.

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Answer by Rip
You can manually adjust the shutter speed, within the limits of the aperture on the lens and ISO setting. But if your issue is with the time *between* pictures, it’s almost certainly not an issue of shutter speed, it’s an issue of the speed at which the picture is being written to the SD card. That, in turn, is a function of the size of the image being stored and the speed of the card.

If you’re using RAW mode, the files are going to be very large. Consider using JPEG for less critical shots. If you primarily use JPEG and still find the time between shots excessive, consider buying a faster SD card. I have a camera with similar capabilities and am very happy with the 80X Transcend SD card, available for a very reasonable price at places like

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