How to Leave Aperture Science in Portal and Get the Cake

This video shows how to leave the aperture science building with no hacking required, and for those confused, developers console is built into the game so it…
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25 Responses to How to Leave Aperture Science in Portal and Get the Cake

  1. Supermariogirlz says:

    Imagine how awkward it must be when Chell is walking around outside and
    just sees a giant gaping hole in the ground and notices the trees are just

  2. NegraMonroe says:

    I’m glad you saved Companion Cube:) but there is no where to go…

  3. Zack90001021 says:


  4. Starwarriorsforever says:


  5. Bazooka Brian says:

    Brandon Valazquez I’m GLaD you said that

  6. Stephanie Kaye says:

    but can you take the cake with you…

  7. Lewis Sandwith says:


  8. Isaiah kinchen says:

    Hacking is when you install a cheat the is client side. A mod is when you
    install something that changes the game(and may also change the client).
    console commands are not hacks, they are not mods, they are part of the
    game so that the developers could fly around and make sure everything
    looked ok. You could say you were hacking if you did that…. but then
    again who are you hacking? yourself….

  9. Aidan O'Grady says:

    how do you get to the end??

  10. Dustojnik Hummer says:

    Only noclip.

  11. Sigourney Trosiéme de Barriére says:

    Get the companion cube, flies away to…to…
    Theres nothing outside ;-;

  12. Angry Birds and more! says:

    You can slack?

  13. Thales Vilela says:


  14. Maria S says:

    He notecliped THE CAKE IS A LIE ;-;

  15. Marci Vincze says:

    are you broked the game

  16. katya tuzhilin says:


  17. kal skiratta says:


  18. gosaintsgaming says:

    not hacking but there is cheating

  19. Andrew Drew says:

    good work you save companion cube and you take him to the surface

  20. Ryan Tobianski says:


  21. Andrew Forward says:


  22. Aidan Ditto says:

    its not gmod u can u sv_cheats 1 in every valve game and ive done watm he
    did in the video

  23. Dylan Craft says:

    Really?! How Dumb Do you Think We Are This Is Gmod

  24. Tony Bradshaw says:

    2:03 Did the song say “maybe black mesa”?

  25. blake Revelle says:

    The cakes real the outdoors is a lie

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