KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO Photographer #1

KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO Photographer #1 – KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO #1 Check Amazon’s AWESOME PRICE on Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Boxed Set, Pa…
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10 Responses to KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO Photographer #1

  1. Phiniox Glade says:

    Great idea, I stopped cropping in post but I’ll try it again with wider

  2. Brian Linhoff says:

    He was talk about sports shooting at the start that doesnt allow you to

  3. Anthony Martin says:

    Great tip!

  4. BingeCenter says:

    That’s cool, I never knew that about the center AF point!

  5. Dennis Kussener says:

    well its a bit contractual with what I learned at photography-school , but
    I get you’re way of thinking and with the massive megapixel counts these
    days it’s actually not a bad idea :p

  6. gary nunn says:

    omg, #1 top tip is to throw away pixels & the ability to print large, and
    not worry about composition until post production!! i understand certain
    situations its necessary but only as a last resort, why not try and get it
    right in the beginning. #1 top tip should be know your camera.

  7. Naeem Ahmadi says:

    my opinion :
    croping is not for pro’s,,,it’s for beginners to understand the composition.
    the perfect & pro way to gain a good composition is using the whole sensor
    while shooting.
    and about the center focus point;we always can focus with center point and
    then recompose the shot for desired composition.
    focusing then recomposing + paying attention to composition while shooting
    =no need to crop + using the whole sensor for shot.
    (except for the moving subjects)

  8. victor torres says:

    If you use the center focus point you most likely won’t be focusing on the
    eye, so won’t the image look out of focus?

  9. bigballers522 says:

    Thanks Matt. What an awesome tip. I am a newbie and this should help

  10. gary nunn says:

    your contradicting yourself about megapixels. one of your 5 reasons to buy
    the sony a7r over the df was that it has double the megapixels. personally
    i think 16mp for crop and 20ish for full frame is a perfect balance between
    image size and resolution.

    I agree that we do the best with what we have, i shot weddings with a nikon
    d50 6mp, no probs, but the dynamic range and high iso on the d610 is killer.

    love the vids but still want to see some photos!
    ps go full frame, you’ll love it!!!!

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