Camera settings on Nikon D90?

Question by Triple the fun: Camera settings on Nikon D90?
I want to know what the settings should be on my Nikon D90 to capture my kids wrapped around Christmas lights, or my kids in front of the Christmas tree.

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Answer by Dagem
ugh -.-

Just leave it on auto mode (the green symbol on the mode dial)

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  1. Jack Haskell says:

    We can’t tell you — you have to use your cameras built in light meter. If you don’t know how, either learn or just stay on auto until you know how.

  2. Picture Taker says:

    ISO 1000

    Assuming the tree is the only light source.

    Or, add a little fill by using the pop-up with (-2.0 ev) compensation.

    That’s a start. You’ll have to adjust after you see the results.

  3. Steve P says:

    There are no one group of “settings” that magically give you correct exposure.

    Look at it this way. When you drive your car somewhere, do you go to a website and ask what speed you will drive? How many times will I turn the steering wheel? How many times will I put on the brake? When and where will I park? Absurd, right? Instead, you know how to operate the car so you can control all these variables as needed depending on conditions.

    Same with your camera. You need to learn to use the camera so you know what adjustments to make to get the desired results.

    “Picture Taker” gave you a good start, but what is going to happen to you the next time some scene comes up? Do you think the proper use of your camera is to always be asking people for “settings”? Also, note, he said you will have to make adjustments according to your results. Do you know how to make adjustments to reach a certain goal? What if the photo is too dark? What do you need to do with aperture? Shutter speed? ISO? What if it is too light? What if the photo is blurred?

    The ONLY way to know what settings to use is to know how to operate the camera.

    Here is a site where you can adjust the various parameters in real time to see what does what. I will also include a link that gives a good, basic explanation of how the exposure triangle of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO work together.


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