Inisde My Camera Bag-Canon 50D -Fashion Photography-Tom Barber

A little exclusive into my camera bag, not much in here atm, gettin some new flashes soonish, sorry if it seems a bit un detailed, when i get used to filming…

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5 Responses to Inisde My Camera Bag-Canon 50D -Fashion Photography-Tom Barber

  1. Skinny Lad says:

    wow left handed

  2. charlie crowhurst says:

    ever thought of looking into buying an 85mm 1.8?

  3. MrYawn1 says:

    hey there….i recently bought the jessops flash as it was going cheap. i
    dont really use flash as i prefer natural light but i thought id get one
    just in case. i dont think its to good off the camera but do you know if
    you can get wireless remotes for that flash instead of using the on camera
    flash to trigger it??

  4. Christian Gibson says:

    Nice! Just checked you website out! Fantastic images 🙂 Were they all taken
    using the kit in this video? As people say its not the camera that makes
    the image its the person behind it! Whats the Jessops flash like? I thought
    about getting it but went for a used but in brand new condition 430ex of
    ebay £100 great buy! And the 50mm f1.8 fantastic lens imo can’t ague with
    the price and the pictures are sharp as! Do you have a flickr account, I’d
    love to check out some more of your work!

  5. Isaac Evans says:

    sigma? piece of shit

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