Im only in seventh grade and I have the biggest passion for photography. How do I help myself now?

Question by MALEE: Im only in seventh grade and I have the biggest passion for photography. How do I help myself now?
Photography is my passion. I know Im only in seventh grade but hey, anyone can do it. I’m completely in love with it and it is definitely something I want to do when I get older. How to I pursue my career right now? Any tips?

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Answer by Sarah
Buy a nice camera, take pictures, talk to a local newspaper and maybe they’ll buy some from you. You wont get alot of money but it would be a great experience and would set you on the right path. I did that when I was 15 and they bought 1 of my pictures.

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  1. Russell E says:

    I’d say your best bet would be to figure out what kind of photography you want to do. Nature? Portrait? Action Sports?

    Then you should start to develop your craft and build a portfolio of your best prints. As you go you may have different portfolios for different photographic genres. That way you will have something to show prospective clients or employers.

    I like the other idea, If you have a local paper, if you can take good sports photos of your high school football, baseball whatever., or find out when the mayor is dedicating a sidewalk or some such thing, takes photos and see if the paper could use them. They might laugh at you at first, but in any type of “art” you’re going to face a lot of critics and rejection. So might as well get used to it.

    Another thing, I’m sure your middle school will have a yearbook. Take pictures of a lot of school related stuff and events. Like dances or bake sales or whatever. Take pictures of the girl’s gymnastic team, wrestling matches, whatever. Try to get on the Yearbook staff in Middle school and in High School. Take all the photography classes offered in school.

    That should help you along quite well

  2. Vickie<3 says:

    buy a professional camera and start taking lots of pictures. You will probably wanna go to a performing arts school for photography so in 8th grade when you apply to highschools you gotta have a portfolio with your best photos. You might wanna figure out what you wanna do. There are many different types of photography. Like pictures of nature, or people, or still life, or what?
    Buy a camera and take a photography class to find out how to use it and pick up some good techniques. You like it but it doesn’t seem like you know enough about it.

  3. burn4God247 says:

    hey I was your age when I started (that was only 2 years ago btw) and photography is an amazing world, so I won two blue ribbons and I had the most wonderful camera on earth….not. you don’t need a good camera to start out with, I had the most dingy digital camera you could buy, I mean it was okay for getting photos but not photography but it worked and I loved the camera, it was an A520. I was doing a ton of photography with it, and it’s totally nothing to do with the camera so if you have any camera at all use it! it doesn’t matter the camera, a good photographer can take a good photo with the worst camera =) Have fun!!

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