How should I date my digital photography prints?

Question by Gaia: How should I date my digital photography prints?
I am about to print a bunch of my photos for friends and family and I want to sign the photos with my initials and a date. I’m just not sure if the date should be when the photo was taken or when I printed it?
Also a side question… Is sharpie ok to sign prints with, is it archival? Is there something better to use?

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Answer by KaNdiEkaNE0LdH4g
month/ day /year or day /month /year

seems more organized

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3 Responses to How should I date my digital photography prints?

  1. Jeff Gonzo says:

    With numbers

  2. B.E.I. says:

    Since the photos are for family and friends I would suggest that you use the date the photos were taken, because none of them will care when you had them printed. For example, if the photos are from a vacation in Jamaica in June…having a print date of February 3rd, 2011 will mean nothing to them.

    As far as a signature goes, I prefer to do that with photoshop when I am editing and sizing the images. Different papers and markers may not work well together (bleeding/running/etc).

  3. John Jakes says:

    You should also make sure you store the original digital files properly. The source below discusses the various formats and there are sections on archival CDs and archival DVDs.

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