Ideas for Photograph Essay?

Question by bad_sexy_ghetto1: Ideas for Photograph Essay?
my goal is to create an argumentative essay consisting entirely of photographs. through the photographs i have to state a thesis and provide supporting details that lead to a logical conclusion. Does anyone have any ideas about what the subject and thesis of my paper should be?

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Answer by Nathan G
Well, i imagine that it would be quite hard to find photographs that will tell all of those words. You’ll have to come up with at least thirty images to equate to an essay. When it comes to ideas, that is a little hard to think of because i don’t know where i can send you that has a sequence of photos which are illustrative enough to tell the entire story.

Did you think of just Getting the photographs, and writing a paragraph for each? I think that would be much easier, and a lot less confusing on the teachers/audience’s behalf. Honestly, it will be hard to find so many photos to constantly tell what’s happening next. I really think you should abort this goal, and try my idea. Your idea would be especially hard.

Personally, unless i took the photographs, and took them in order for the project, i wouldn’t do it at all. I would just write the essay, without any photographs, like they did in the 16th century when they didn’t have cameras. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

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