How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel

How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel

The world’s sexiest models, including Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, show their best poses and explain …

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25 Responses to How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel

  1. karin collado says:

    adriana lima= stunning…wow

  2. DerpySara says:

    The black girl with short hair took the best selfie and she’s really pretty

  3. Fashionisers says:

    Wanna take a #selfie like a #supermodel ? Follow their advice!

    #models #fashion 

  4. DonDomel says:

    “The world’s sexiest models” ? lol

  5. Sebastian Reyes Espinosa says:

    Yeah, sure you follow this tips and you are going to look like them

  6. Ana Celeste says:

    Team Lima ! She’s natural and she’s doesn’t need to do her hair or make a
    stupid duck face, she’s incredible ! I’ve also liked Ale , and where is

  7. Ulumuri says:

    So… duckface? No thanks!

  8. Adriana Nery says:

    Hahaha at Adriana! Finding out she’s beautiful from every angle

  9. Corvus Clamor says:

    all of these selfies are amateur and fuckin creepy badly exposed bad lights
    bad at all wtf is going on here .. all girls were anyway mostly ugly ..
    except the last one. with black hair. she was pretty but rest.. pff my very
    close friends are prettier than them god

  10. Ramir Asuncion says:

    love love love my idol adriana… adriana is beautiful in all angle

  11. Hayley Challender says:

    LOL – adriana – I like to take it up high because I don’t like to take it –
    oh no wait, I’m stunning on every angle.

  12. lepetti i says:

    1:53 –> epic laugh :D

  13. emmy xo says:

    0:47 she is so pretty omg

  14. do11face21 says:


  15. I Pologlob says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio is Perfect Face, WOW <3 , the perfect nose, eyes ,

  16. josh stevenson says:

    Meanwhile, in Uganda…

  17. Kowboy Santos says:

    copy? good luck guise, lol!

  18. maya campbell says:

    Adriana had the prettiest one

  19. iclarolineh says:

    yeah, being pretty helps

  20. mantha raspberry says:

    Candice is so… ugh gorgeous :)

  21. Stella Anosike says:

    Lmao when Adriana discovers she still looks beautiful from a different
    angle.. “OH, well” 

  22. Celine Kg says:

    “I dont know i dont like straight… wait ohh” yes adriana.

  23. Life Offsides says:

    Lima and Ambrosio FTW

  24. Majellaist says:

    Selfie 101!

  25. olimac909 says:

    Maria Borges <3

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