How To Photograph Seniors by Steve Mackley

This video takes you from beginning to end of a high school senior photography session. Starting with indoors studio poses and lighting. To a warehouse studi…

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11 Responses to How To Photograph Seniors by Steve Mackley

  1. koppola holland says:

    oh!!! come on! give her last name! she’s legal now! ok, now that I got
    that out of my system, me and my wife think the ones inside turned out way
    better than outside. but good video either way :)

  2. Alma Kososky says:

    Great video! I have done a lot or research on senior pictures but not many
    photographer talk about their lenses, is there a must have lens for you? I
    noticed you used the same one throughout this particular shoot.

  3. susan fricker says:

    If only your production crew put your lighting technique to their video
    here. lol

  4. vgonz12 says:

    what lens are you using?

  5. Tarah Eldridge says:

    i wish you would post on photographing senior boys as well for ideas on
    posing and such 🙂

  6. steentompkins says:

    Steph is my 4th cousin twice removed on my ex brother in law’s side.

  7. kader gad says:

    she is sexy LOL

  8. Angel R Medina says:

    I like how you interact with your clients. you make them feel comfortable
    …nice Job!

  9. JusticeMaRae says:

    Omg! I know where 3:48 Is I think.. lol I believe I was in that building at
    one point! haha

  10. Akkordinator says:

    why is her mouth doubled on most of the pics??

  11. Ivonne Flores says:

    Wonder what camera and lens he’s using? Nice session ! ! !

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