Beer Photography – How To Light Beer

Beer Photography - How To Light Beer

In this episode we’re going over how to light a bottle of beer. This is great for brushing up on your product photography skills. Check out the full post at:…
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25 Responses to Beer Photography – How To Light Beer

  1. Steven Shackelford says:

    Wow… Thanks for sharing this! How long have you been doing Photoshop? How
    do you go that fast and keep it all straight is amazing!

  2. Joseph Von Q-zade says:

    what lens do you use?

  3. Philippe Carpentier says:


  4. Anil Jane says:

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  5. LLCStreetwise says:

    Stick it in the freezer? How about using surf wax to get a nice frost

  6. TVExtremoPhotoshop says:

    Will studying there!

  7. TVExtremoPhotoshop says:

    it? then try to print an image of 10 meters as advertising Heineken for you
    to see … the company is not silly, understand quality …

  8. stanchung69 says:

    Especially with advance NR software.

  9. stanchung69 says:

    Gee, you should be looking at the amateur ones then.

  10. Miguel Garcia says:

    Yeah but the noise is there. What if they print in a magazine or a huge
    banner? The image needs to be as noise-free as possible.

  11. Miguel Garcia says:

    With all the respect this guy deserves… This is the worst tutorial to
    light a beer that people can ever put in practice.

  12. Jules Oille says:

    The reflected light distribution is not even on the bottle my friend. In
    addition, Heineken would never accept a composited image at ISO 800. Try
    using more powerful lights and glycerin is used for the water droplets.

  13. feras mirza says:

    great idea , i was looking for something like this . and u guys figure it
    out . big thanks

  14. Viver Produções says:

    amazing!! 🙂

  15. AlexCoronaPhoto says:

    Bullshit, ISO 800 in today’s camera is nothing like ISO 800 in cameras from
    10 years ago.

  16. Blog Out West says:

    Really great tutorials. I used to do lots of retouching a few years ago and
    nothing since, and your tutorials have giving me lots of ideas and updated
    my skills. Keep them coming if you can.

  17. Timinator62 says:

    He he, you need to try the complex stuff, WHILE you’re drinking beer,
    that’s where the fun is.

  18. Tony Simsek says:

    lol you re funny! Keep up the smile man! But where’s the finished product ?

  19. Contempor Ad says:

    Cool stuff guys thank you for sharing. I agreed with Jules Oille about the
    ISO 800. but besides that great work. Something else. As Tony said where is
    the final production!!. very important.

  20. Malte Klein says:

    Too complex for me. I guess, I just stick to drinking beer 😉

  21. bozhidar mihaylov says:

    Step 2 Coming Soon – How To Light Joint

  22. David Ryanson says:

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