How To Photograph Model Trains or Dioramas

In this video, I show how I like to photograph model trains. These techniques can be applied to any scale or type of model. This is my friend Will’s layout…..
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4 Responses to How To Photograph Model Trains or Dioramas

  1. GunMetalJeep45 says:

    Great job man I will give this a shout out in my next video it’s awesome!

  2. LocalRailfan says:

    Informative video, nicely done.

  3. prometheusxc says:

    I would never use a flash. Set exposure compensation down a few stops, set
    for high focal length then take a couple of bracketed shots. And always use
    a remote shutter switch.

  4. BTownleyMedia says:

    @GunMetalJeep45 Thanks, Will!

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