How easy it is to get iLife, Work & Aperture for free through the App Store

How easy it is to get iLife, Work & Aperture for free through the App Store

Get it for free by tricking the App Store! You must be on Mavericks and have your system language set to English. Download all the pre-made apps here, just p…
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25 Responses to How easy it is to get iLife, Work & Aperture for free through the App Store

  1. toqi786 says:

    I downloaded your zip, transferred them over to my applications folder and
    tried updating pages, but it says “Update Unavailable with This Apple ID”
    … please help

  2. Chrystal L.R says:

    Ingenius, thank you! Works great. 

  3. Mochan says:

    Works great. Thank you for posting

  4. Angie Faapoi says:

    How do I save it as ‘info.plist’ it wont save as ‘.plist’ 

  5. Amaan Singh says:

    could you make this video for final cut pro x and other apple apps 

  6. Lasse Malmberg says:

    Hi the link for the pre made apps don’t work, its loading when i try to
    download but it never lets me download, any help?

  7. Mateo Delgado says:

    Works beautifully. Thank you!

  8. Joe Cardamuro says:

    Awesome !

  9. iEatTech says:

    Hey. Thx man it works but the apps don’t show up in my launch pad?

  10. Jake Wainwright says:

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

  11. MundoRB says:

    Click LIKE if you want him to do also for Final Cut Pro X !!

  12. Erick Aguilar says:

    It worked, thank you pal!

  13. Aysar Ahameed says:

    great >>>>>

  14. Adrian/Magic says:

    Still works! Thank you so much! 10/10 :)

  15. Raviteja Vajja says:

    Thanks bro. I was having problems, and you solved it. I just can’t thank
    you enough.

  16. Shaun Aashish says:

    After I upgrade the app the logo doesnt appear. Is there a fix? Please help

  17. zulfakhar Aziryn says:


  18. Dawson Field says:

    dude it works great thanks ive been wanting to torrent aperture for a while
    but didnt want viruses freaking awesome

  19. MrTVJ80 says:

    You can also do it with final cut pro x….??

  20. meher aditya says:

    it worked (Y)

  21. Aaron Lewis says:

    Can you do this with other apps and how to you find out the
    “CFBundleIdentifier CFBundleShortVersionString 3.4.5”
    info out ? 

  22. UhhGetAHobby FreedomChannel says:

    Aperture didn’y work but it did install

  23. Alberto Lucio says:

    You are just amazin!! it does work

  24. Damian Van de Kauter says:

    I can help everyone for getting screen flow for free

  25. Georgio Themen says:

    wow i love you man thx

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