How To Photograph Everyone

How To Photograph Everyone features the teachings of Clay Blackmore and the art of portraiture. Taking inside the mind of one of the worlds greatest portrait…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to How To Photograph Everyone

  1. Charlie Samo says:

    If you can’t, teach… if you can… do.

  2. heattherm says:

    Sorry to break the bubble. But there is more money in teaching people and
    selling people the gear than your ever going to make taking pictures.
    There’s 10’s of millions at it thinking where going to be the next best
    thing when really the most successful photographers sell us smuks DVD’s,
    Books, Training courses and equipment, the more they sell the more popular
    they become feeding the commercial market which is us.

  3. rolandsilvajr1 says:

    the quintessential artist and professional see you in a couple of days……

  4. AllorrNothingg says:

    Where do I buy this CD?????

  5. Alex Molina says:

    Where do I buy?

  6. Ridzwan Wan says:

    This video uploaded by @PhotographEveryone , is the best video. but i dint
    even see more video from this person upload

  7. Ed te Pas says:

    I’m waiting for this. Looks great. A modern photographer with a classic
    backgrounds must be promissing

  8. Rick Rosen says:

    Hey Clay. This is excellent! Looking forward to hearing more. All the best,
    Rick Rosen

  9. dreamartistfilms says:

    Great stuff. Keep teaching.

  10. Danie Damons says:

    @where do i buy this cd

  11. Danie Damons says:


  12. Bunkersmom says:

    Great video Clay. Can’t wait to see you at PPAM in April. LOVE the music,
    especially the beat when the images change. Very cool, like you!!! Your
    friend, Amy Rader

  13. BoxiePoser says:

    guys, check the description once before going “where do i buy this cd??”.
    and by the way their cd cost $129.

  14. Tony Black says:

    People by products and services based on their perceived value. Nothing
    smukish about learning how to better perform your hobbby, interest or
    professional endeavor… Just saying.

  15. BrotherFilmStudio says:

    you should put this song up for download.

  16. dpdthree says:

    Loved the video are you putting out a dvd or is there one to get on this

  17. rstraat says:

    That’s a great video Clay. Cheers from Vegas, Rudy

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