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  1. cutieang3l9407 says:

    *__* It’s beautiful.

  2. MettePeleikis says:

    @MistyAngel1990 Ave Maria 🙂

  3. oganga111 says:

    the song is from hitman blood money game intro

  4. kokobobonono says:

    sharemovies1 $2.699

  5. MrFunnykid123 says:

    i was thinking about getting this camera….. but then i saw the price

  6. Sir Nicodemus says:

    Anyone know what’s the song name??? Please ans

  7. markomnen says:

    @MaxBearguy1 If you want realy good DSLR camera, choose some model from
    Nikon or Canon, nothing else.

  8. hind ro says:

    Does It Take Good Videos ?

  9. textingname says:

    Change the god damned misleading title. Some of us are shopping around on

  10. MettePeleikis says:

    @CTcCaster Ave Maria 🙂

  11. J Fud says:

    Hehe, while snapping pictures, Hitman will snap your neck…

  12. MaxBearguy1 says:

    i have a bug clunky camera like this, its the 2008 model but i never use
    it, why? because it drains batteries within 5 minutes if you are not using
    rechargable batteries and its huge, you can put that in your pocket, you
    pretty much have to have a strap and look like a tourist if you want to use
    that, i had no strap cause the one they send it to you with the camera
    broke because the camera is was TOO HEAVY for it….. i had bad memories
    with it lol, so im getting a ipod touch 4g for a new camera

  13. leonthe1legend says:

    really like it.

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