How to Choose Your Shutter Speed

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  1. Yahweigh says:

    Apeture priority mode, Lowest ISO required then go into manual if needed.

  2. Fraidoon Jami says:

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  4. facecrawl says:

    8th but im viewer 312! 😀

  5. mjc2756 says:

    7th 😉

    And I will actually use this information. *for once*

  6. 비 미셸 says:

    This is good advice.  You can also buy a remote button to release the shutter to reduce blurriness.

    Also, what shutter speed should you set when you want to shoot stars

  7. Jose Mendoza says:

    im just saying

  8. Ethan Stewart says:

    We all care.

  9. Jose Mendoza says:

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  10. whittierbubbles says:


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