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An In-Depth Look at Canon 5D Mark IV vs. Sony a7R II: Which Would You Choose?

Video and still photographer Tyler Stalman recently reviewed both the Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony a7R II based on six factors: noise/high ISO, color, dynamic range, sharpness, focus and 4K. With that in mind, he compared the two, evaluated the strengths … Continue reading

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The Lens Is the Eye of the Camera – Choose Wisely

Lenses are the eye of the camera – and you don’t want a lazy eye on your new digital camera. Sharpness, speed, focus, biggest aperture (smallest f-number), zoom length and technical gizmo’s all come to play when choosing the perfect … Continue reading

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Choose Perfect Camera Lens For Night Photography

Night Photography can be very intriguing. You cannot just think of clicking photographs in the night under normal circumstances. A lot of factors come into play and influence the photographs. During nights the most important aspects of photography are focus, … Continue reading

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Tips to Choose Perfect Diamond Settings

A diamond is forever, and its brilliance is incomparable. It’s always been a woman’s favorite and has invariably been associated as her best friend. Though it’s a known fact that the resale value of diamond is zero, it’s still highly … Continue reading

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How To Choose Digital Photography Or Print Photography

In the past, you simply did not have to make a choice between any other photography methods than film. Everyone had a film camera and everyone either learned to develop their own film or took it to their local processor. … Continue reading

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