Good Photography Camera?

Question by Delaney McCaig: Good Photography Camera?
I’m looking for a good photography camera. I need to to be able to zoom in for like concerts and take good pictures. I also need it to do good for just taking pictures randomly. So over all I really need a camera that can zoom in well and take good pictures. Help me?
Okay I’m sorry I didn’t narrow it down very well. price range I’m not sure about. I guess I’m just willing to pay what is needed for the camera. I’m going to be using it to take pictures at concerts and also use it to take pictures of me and my friends. I want them to look really good so I’m guessing like a Professional camera which are pretty pricey from what I’ve heard.
I think probably around $ 500 is good. And sorry that I can’t explain well…I don’t know much about cameras :3

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Answer by RMG09 Guardian
… wow… that really narrows it down…

I’m pretty sure all cameras are built for photography -.-
And they are mostly all built to zoom and take good pictures.

Want to give us some more detail here please? How much money do you want to spend? What specific uses are you looking to do with it? Do you want SLR or Digital or Film or Point-and-Shoot, or .. what?

Edit: ….. Well that really didn’t help, but alright..


Try these. Looking for a little lower or higher price? Regardless, these cameras should give you very high-quality shots without breaking the bank.

Edit: Don’t get Nikon… well.. personally I’ve never had a good experience with them. If you’re going to be spending the money, get the most dependable. Canon.

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