Can people really photograph badly?

Question by Jon G: Can people really photograph badly?
I look in a mirror and think I look good. Get told I look good, but every time I look at a photo of me. I just don’t think I look good. Can someone actually photograph poorly? or is that just a bad excuse, and I am actaully that ugly?

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Answer by Malkiin
funny I find that too. I think it’s normal

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4 Responses to Can people really photograph badly?

  1. skittles0597 says:

    Everybody says that about their pictures

  2. Cheeko says:

    i feel that way as well. I don’t necessarily think i look good when i look at myself in a mirror, but when I look at a photo, i think i look much worse

  3. Nichole says:

    yes, there will be good pictures of you and bad ones too.
    don’t feel ugly or anything. take for example, magazines: you never see a bad picture of a celebrity because they won’t sell to magazines from papparatzi. But i’m sure if you were to look through a papparatzi’s camera you would find tons of unflattering pictures of people who look “good” in tabliods.

  4. Mysterious Wanderer says:

    Yes, people can photograph badly (and the reverse is true as well: someone who typically looks, uh, “not so great” can end up looking AWESOME in a photograph). Apparently it has something to do with the way that light bounces off of the angles/curves on your face….

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