FREE: Photographing Fireworks with John Cornicello – Class

FREE: Photographing Fireworks with John Cornicello - Class

Learn more! Learn how to capture great photographs of firework displays. John Cornicello will exp…
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19 Responses to FREE: Photographing Fireworks with John Cornicello – Class

  1. Linda T says:

    Please don ‘t use these women again, I felt sorry for John Cornicello he
    covered the items then they ask again and interrupt his flow. He’s
    obviously set up a talk, that covers everything why not wait until the end
    or only ask question that are only relevant to what he is talking about at
    that moment

  2. Rose T says:

    *Fireworks Photography*
    Thanks to +Alex Yakimov for this link :)

  3. Treborikki Pomegranates says:

    Many thanx for your tutorage, managed to take some decent photos locally
    here in BKK!

  4. Niko Paulanne says:

    Cool!@creativelive”Photographing Fireworks” lesson free!

  5. hikinguphigh says:

    Great vid

  6. Chris Topher Harper says:

    Great video! The only thing I would want to add is that someone asked about
    his colors getting white. That issue is based on tunsgten balance, and the
    best way to deal with it is to shoot RAW, and edit it later. JPEG tends to
    strip color, especially in low light.

  7. vanessia1999 says:

    Great job John. This video was great. I watch both clips and just wanted to
    say thanks for the rain sleeve tips. I freak out and put my camera in my
    bag as soon as I feel sign of rain. IF I can can get my hand on a rain
    sleeve or decent fit plastic bag I must give it a try. Also thanks for
    sharing the ISO tips. I normally use automatic so this was great to know
    exactly what ISO and aperture to use. Once again you rock and great video.
    It might be a year old but it is still wort to watch!

  8. Sukhdeep Pannu says:

    wow thanks guys

  9. 8ntfrogn says:

    Thanks for doing this video

  10. Cosmin Rotaru says:

    they started asking about blocking the focus. later on they ask if he’s on
    AF. WTF is up with these girls?!

  11. Honey Badger says:


  12. Laurie Philp says:

    Thanks CL for doing this. Well done John. Love the glasses

  13. L3tzPlayGamez says:

    you’re so mean. :L

  14. George D. says:

    Really awesome tips! Thanks John.

  15. brownpaperrag says:


  16. DeckerFI says:

    Nice lesson, excellent speaker. Silly questions from the ladies but I
    suppose it’s good that John had someone to chat back and forth with.

  17. Cordellphoto says:

    i’ve ran into you at Bandia Rua Studios events, great tutorial. thank you
    very much glad I found you!

  18. chicagodrew1128 says:

    Holy shit those women are retards… Maybe they should pay attention and
    not keep asking the same questions over and over. Next time don’t have them
    on. They ruined the video..

  19. MonkeyManBlues says:

    Focus to infinity, F11, Bulb mode, ISO 100, black card, cable release.

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