Different Kinds Of Photography?

Question by Aly: Different Kinds Of Photography?
I am interested in taking courses in photography.
But I do not want to do comercial types like fashion, wedding, portriats, etc.
I am interested in sporting photography, (ie. snowmobiling, skateboarding etc.) scenery photography, and artistic photography.

Any ideas on what these types of photoghraphy are called so I am able to look up more information on it would be very helpful!
Everything I have been finding is for comercial types of photography.

Thank you for ANY information you can supply!

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Answer by Grandhustler
im still trying 2 find out myself but im in a magnet humanities program so… yea

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  1. Steve P says:

    Well now lets see. They are called commercial, fashion, wedding, portraiture, sporting, scenic, and artistic.

    Don’t try to make something hard out of something simple. There are no “Greek” names for this stuff.

    Photography is photography.. what you do with it is up to you and your career path. A photography course is to teach you photography… once you understand that, you can apply it to any field you want.

    Better Photo has some good courses.



  2. captsnuf says:

    it would be best to inquire in person at your local community college…a photography course or two there would not be expensive and would enlighten you tremendously.
    you could also join a camera club or photographer’s group and attend meetings with them and learn from the other members experiences, that would possibly give you some direction…
    there are challenges and hard work to any of it, and any and all of it can be lots of fun too.

  3. victor98_2001 says:

    I prefer to take travel Photography.

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