Apple IPHOTO Vs Aperture 3 (Mac)?

Question by : Apple IPHOTO Vs Aperture 3 (Mac)?
Hi, i am a mac user and love iphoto, however i have read a lot of good reviews on aperture and was thinking that should i move to aperture, the main question i would like to ask is that ‘is aperture easy to use, i mean can a beginner use it’ the other question is that the aperture file is it too big compared to iphoto as its 557 MB. Also would i be able to syn photos from my iphone and digital camera.

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Answer by vbmica
Aperture is not as easy to use as iPhoto. It is designed for professional photographers and advanced amateurs who take a lot of photos.

If iPhoto does everything you need, then stick with it.

I prefer Adobe Lightroom compared to Aperture – if you are going to take the plunge and buy something more complicated.

And don’t overlook Picasa – it’s free and a great photo organizer with some unique editing tools.

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