Aperture 2: Bob Davis on perfecting the image

Aperture 2: Bob Davis on perfecting the image

Bob Davis, photojournalist and assignment photographer, demonstrates how he uses a variety of new image adjustment tools: Recovery, Black Point, Vibrancy, Re…
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20 Responses to Aperture 2: Bob Davis on perfecting the image

  1. Jameson Williams says:

    wow this software looks great and much more simple than photoshop or gimp

  2. MulishaRider99 says:

    Great video….You should make more. Aperture is a great program!

  3. bukayo395 says:

    Can you clone a person or any item?

  4. Xavier Godard says:

    lol he didnt stop telling it its aperture and this is a pub for aperture in
    case you didnt notice

  5. Valerie Baker says:

    Really helpful tube, thankyou!

  6. NikirsD90 says:

    what software did you use?

  7. massmix says:

    @libranajay shift + option + H

  8. latinjazzguy says:

    Easy explaind VID, helpful very helpful of what Appetr can do and its

  9. Neal Bhattacharya says:

    i am so NOOB, at 1:04, a menu pops up, how do i get to this menu in aperture

  10. Michael Jordan says:

    Basic stuff, great video! Great photographer and great presentation! Keep
    more coming, please!

  11. Wolfenhiem says:

    looks like lightroom. helpful at the very least. thanks for this vid

  12. AJ Singh says:

    How to get hot and cold area?

  13. Giovanni Navata says:

    this could be a nik software

  14. Thierry Méchain says:

    Just press H to make this window appear. It’s just the same thing as the
    “Adjustments” tab in window mode.

  15. B A says:

    Great tutorial. What software did you use?

  16. clive booth says:

    bravo…… great tute many thanks, clive (uk)

  17. chuyphotographer says:

    aperture can be compared to lightroom

  18. Grant Campbell says:

    that actually looks like lightroom that he’s using for the adjustments.
    awesome piece of software

  19. George Rasputkov says:

    Aperture is a Mac software. Adobe Lightroom for Mac might have a plug-in
    for Aperture.

  20. Bakari Chavanu says:

    Very well done.

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