♥ How I Take My Pictures + PHONE GIVEAWAY!=)

Please give this video a thumbs up! GIVEAWAY BELOW=) ♥ Check out the Nokia Lumia1020, exclusively at AT&T: http://soc.att.com/Lumia1020s MY OTHER CHANNELS:…
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25 Responses to ♥ How I Take My Pictures + PHONE GIVEAWAY!=)

  1. NikkiPhillippi says:

    NEW VIDEO IS LIVE! “♥ Picture Posing 101” w/ #Lumia1020 @att gave us! BE

  2. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. PhotoWonder
    2. i love the quality and resolution of the camera (:
    Thanks for this opportunity! <3

  3. Marijana Milosevic says:

    1.Smile and natural light
    2.everything with this phone is so so good
    i hope i can win …..

  4. EDNNA Barron says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. Anthony Douglas says:

    1) Smile, be free and happy and most of all be yourself. That’s enough to
    make a beautiful picture! ♥
    2) The camera! 

  6. Ridhi Devsi says:

    OMG the phone is so cool, the pictures have a great quality! Really hope I
    win it! But I don’t have twitter, I hope I still can enter :s 1. The
    lighting 2. 41 megapixels!!!

  7. mila ki says:

    2.My favourite feauture is camera’s quality 

  8. Andrea Cecina says:

    hopinggggggggg!! but when will it end?

  9. tasty tomyam says:

    1. I don’t have any editing tips but I do love taking pics that tells a
    story and capture the moment. Instead of taking pics of everyone posing and
    smiling to the camera, I love it more when people are not aware of the
    camera and doing whatever 😉
    2. The image stabilization
    Thank you for doing the giveaway

  10. Lily Ulerio says:

    Always have a nice shine

  11. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. Squaredy
    2. I love the phone’s great capacity (:
    Thanks <3

  12. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    My fav tip: Use natural lighting facing it is better than having it behind
    My fav feature is the incredible quality of the phone 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway ♥

  13. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. One of my fav apps for editing is Squaready
    2. My favorite phone feature is the bright color (:
    Thanks so much for this opportunity <3

  14. Abigail Herrera says:

    1. Lifting the camera and tilting it forward
    2. The zooming capacity

  15. Alexa Allen says:

    1. taking pictures inside in front of a frosted glass window, it works just
    like a light box!
    2. My favorite feature is being able to adjust all those settings 🙂 I’ve
    always wished I could aford a camera that was good enough to do all that
    stuff, and to have it all on a phone! that would be a dream come true <3

  16. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. Instacollage 🙂
    2. I love the quality of the camera 🙂
    thanks for the giveaway ♥

  17. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. Photo Wonder
    2. The 41 megapixels
    Thanks for the giveaway <3

  18. LyricMachine says:

    Why has no one commented on how frickin HOT Dan is!?

  19. saraseero11 says:

    1. My favorite app for editing photos is SoMee, i love how it has soo many
    2. My favorite feature is the high quality of the camera, it’s really
    Hope to win, and thank you<3

  20. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. Squaready is a wonderful app
    2. I love the camera’s quality
    Thanks for the giveaway (: <3

  21. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1.Smile and try to use natural lighting 🙂
    2. the camera’s quality
    thanks so much for this giveaway ♥

  22. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    2. the 41 megapixels sound amazing 🙂
    Thanks so much for this opportunity 🙂 ♥

  23. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1. Wonder camera
    2.My fav feature is the camera’s capability
    Thanks for the giveaway ♥

  24. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    1.Smile 🙂
    2.I love the camera’s quality 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway ♥

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