Photography tips and tricks..?

Question by tweety cute: Photography tips and tricks..?
What are some cool ways to photograph? i like taking pictures one the ground so that you can get the dimensions..but that’s about all i know. i’ve never taken a class on photography and i wanted to know more about it. thanks 🙂

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Answer by Lana S
start with a tripod and shutter speeds.
read about HDR – a cool thing
but first – what is it really that you want to capture? Sometimes “what?” is much harder question than “how?”.

by the wy – underwater photography – that’s cool 🙂 can start with the disposable camera!
I also hear about “run by photography” – when you taking a strol and stop or not to take paictures of what’s on the way

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  1. Dale Smith says:

    I am currently running a blog on photography training which includes photography tips and tricks
    heres the link:

  2. p-a-c says:

    Check out amazing photography by other people – either websites or books by famous photographers. Great way to get inspiration. (Best phototgraphy books reviews –

    Get on to Flickr – lots of brilliant photos to get ideas from plus helpful feedback.

    Play around with your camera settings. Use the white balance options to change colour temperature, get to grips with different metering modes.

    Look out for sudden emotional expressions and outbursts when shooting people. Take shots that have a bit of ‘wow’ factor!

    Try taking several pictures of a large area by panning horizontally a bit after each shot – then stitch them together in Photoshop for a cool panorama.

    This should help get you going:

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