your favourite photograph ?

Question by IVES: your favourite photograph ?
not one from your personal album please. your favourite photograph and why.

Best answer:

Answer by Questionaire
It’s a photo I took of my dog by the pond during sun set.
Freaking awesome pic.

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3 Responses to your favourite photograph ?

  1. Suresh S says:

    i took of my cat during will be very nice and memorable moment

  2. luvnhatelife says:

    Well I have a few favorites, but here’s a link to two of them.

    This waterfall…

    Everything just came out perfect. The lighting, the capture of the water, the autumn leaves.

    This wolf..

    I know, it a wolf photo, but I took it. I am proud of myself to get that shot. Plus I love wolves.

  3. MixedMojo says:

    Candy Cigarette, by Sally Mann. (google it for more info)

    I love the edgy imagery of Sally’s work, and the mood expressed within this particular photograph is moving – plus, I like the image of a person smoking —- in Noir, it harkens back to a day when it was vogue to smoke – the image of the young lady smoking (what is in reality, a candy cigarette), shows such blatent disregard of political correctness in a society that is obsessed with image and perception. Everything about it screams unapologetic attitude, which I find to be empowering —- “I am who I am, deal with it!” Now it can be argued that an image of a child smoking a cigarette would be quite vile by most, but within the context of this image, you’d have to understand the artist to get why it is so awesome.

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