When did books start having real photographs?

Question by Sarath Perera: When did books start having real photographs?
I am curious. Photography was invented in the 1850s. So I am thinking when did photos started appearing in books and magazines. Was it in the 19th century itself?

What is the first book to have photographs?

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Answer by Martin Spooner
I don’t know the answer and either one of us could Google it to find the answer, but I do know photography in 1850 wasn’t modern photography. It was images on glass plates and metal sheets, one offs that couldn’t be reproduced.

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  1. andy w says:

    Firstly, photography was NOT invented in the 1850’s,
    The first photograph (as we know it now) was produced in 1826.

    The first book known to be illustrated with original photographs is Photographs of British Algae by Anna Atkins, the first part of which was produced in 1843 in an exceedingly small number.

    Eight months later, in June 1844, the first fascicle of William Henry Fox Talbot’s The Pencil of Nature was released; that book was the “first photographically illustrated book to be commercially published” or “the first commercially published book illustrated with photographs”.

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