What’s in my camera bag? by Lynn Michelle Photography

Lynn is a certified professional photographer (CPP) based in Dallas, Fort Worth. She specializes in modern wedding photography and enjoys educating her peers…
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25 Responses to What’s in my camera bag? by Lynn Michelle Photography

  1. rowvillejames says:

    Can you do an update video please thank you

  2. 08CJ11 says:

    spunk .____.

  3. MacMike1000 says:

    Nice gears, mine is the Canon 5D Mark III & Canon EOS M with EF Lens mount for my L lens. 24-105mm IS f4L, 100mm IS Macro f2.8L, 50mm f1.2L IS and a 70-200mm IS f4.

  4. lynn michelle says:

    I attach it to my belt loop

  5. rowvillejames says:

    How do you carry the battery pack around when you are using it

  6. lynn michelle says:

    The one in this video is the 70-200 2.8 IS version1. I now have the v2, which is spectacular.

  7. incarnationuday says:

    Lynn, thank you for walking us through your camera bag, very informative. With 3 to 4 varieties of offerings from Canon on 70-200 lenses, which one is used in this video and which one would you recommend. Thanks

  8. rowvillejames says:

    How do you walk around with you battery pack because it has no strap

  9. kiyonexus says:

    Will you marry me? How did you become a “professional” or make it your career?

  10. lynn michelle says:

    2 AB800s with the 7 inch field reflectors.

  11. Hector Rivera says:

    What do u use for formals in church ? Such ad speed lights or strobes , modifiers ???

  12. Steve Backhouse says:

    She said Spunk..Huh Huh

  13. rowvillejames says:

    Can you do another video of your other bag

  14. lynn michelle says:

    This question is impossible to answer. It depends on your flash type, flash output, location, shooting style, etc.

  15. rowvillejames says:

    How much photos one set of AA batteries last in the flash if you are using the whole day

  16. lynn michelle says:

    Depends on how much I am using my flash. I usually replace my batteries twice at most during a typical wedding day.

  17. rowvillejames says:

    How long does the AA batteries last in the flash for

  18. lynn michelle says:

    In my bag, I have one set (4 batteries). My main bag has 6 more sets.

  19. lynn michelle says:


  20. rowvillejames says:

    Where did you get the bag from

  21. rowvillejames says:

    How many spare flash batterys do you use

  22. lynn michelle says:

    No, the PPA has had the CPP program for a while now.

  23. Dominick Ulloa says:

    I Have never heard of a CPP? Is this something recent?

  24. Michael Didomenico says:

    Okay, I am looking at the 6D since I am using a 60D now. I enjoyed your commentary.

  25. rowvillejames says:

    Can you get a video of Vivian to show us her bag

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