What’s a good camera/lens best fitting to wildlife photography?

Question by Stephanie: What’s a good camera/lens best fitting to wildlife photography?

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Answer by fhotoace
It depends upon how large your budget is.

While using a full frame camera is the optimal way to go, you do not get the benefit you would if you used a camera with a APS-C sensor (1.5x Focal length multiplier) makes any long lens you have, that much longer.

The few wildlife and nature photographers I know, carry both cameras. One full frame dSLR and one APS-C sensored camera. That way the have the best of both worlds, but of course you have picked one of the most costly fields of photography to enter. It is not at all unusual for a wildlife photographer to have $ 25,000 in cameras, lenses and tripods.

In the latest issue of “Outdoor Photography”, June 2010, George Lepp discusses just that question.

Most of the photos published in “Outdoor Photography” lists not only the cameras and lenses used, but even the ISO and exposures used by the photographers

This month, Nikon, Pentax and Canon cameras produced the amazing images … some were shot using film.

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  1. Tirdad Khan says:

    Professionally said :

    You need fast camera and lenses to capture quick moments. Animals neither give you time to pose nor come so close. You have to shoot them really fast and from far away with almost medium ambient light. Fast telephoto with vibration reduction mechanism is needed. Sometimes you shoot them and they are great but you need to crop to balance your frame therefore high megapixel needed.Keep in mind sutter noise also matters for close subjects.
    Gather all these gadgets around and your photo will be published in National Geography.

    Camera 5000-8000 $
    Lenses 1000- 4000 $
    Accs 1000-2000 $

  2. Forlorn Hope says:

    you sound like a complete novice…

    you might want to start with a bridge camera… something like a Fuji HS10 – upto 720mm zoom…

    useful for just about any wildlife…

  3. deep blue2 says:

    You need a fast (with a wide maximum aperture) prime telephoto lens, something like a 300mm f4 or a telephoto zoom with a constant max aperture.

    On a AP-C sensor body, these will have a good reach. They are not cheap though – you pay for fast glass! For example a Nikon 300mm f4 costs around £1000.

  4. Ansell A says:


    That covers a wide range of things.
    From macro shots of insects to shots of lions etc hunting

    Camera would normally be top of the range Canon or Nikon
    Lenses would range from Bellows/macro lenses through to fastest possible 600mm

    total investment = many thousands.

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