What should i photograph?

Question by : What should i photograph?
ive run out of ideas! i need ideas on things to photograph! please.. nothing dirty… but any suggestions??? Thanks(:

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Answer by stuckhere1993
homemade brownies

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  1. NevermoreFairy says:

    I usually start photographing instruments at odd angles, or flowers. Flowers are always my back up plan.

  2. Madeline T says:

    Don’t think of “things” to photograph.
    Think of an idea, like, oh I don’t know, how much easier things were when you were 6 years old or the anger you feel about your current government. Find a way to express this in a photograph.

    Or walk around, look for beauty.

    Have you ever noticed that when you lose something, you can never find it when you’re actualy looking for it? But then you’re doing something and you open up a cupboard and, low and behold, you see the object you’re looking for?
    Inspiration will come if you don’t force it to.

  3. Shorty says:

    Try taking pictures of people.
    Go out there out on the street (or indoors if you prefer), and capture candids.

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