what kind of jobs use photography?

Question by : what kind of jobs use photography?
i love photography

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Answer by Super WD-9
A professional photographer mabye? It depends on what you like to photograph. You could go into the medical field, or the arts, it all depends on where your passion lies.

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  1. Luis says:

    So many:
    Insurance investigator
    Building Contractors
    Web Design
    Fine Art
    Events of any type

    Basically the world is your oyster. It just matters how well you can sell your skills.


  2. Caoedhen says:

    I am a Crime Scene Investigator. Photography is one of the things we do.

  3. Bob says:

    Virtually all businesses, companies and organisations use photography at some time in some way.
    From sports to widget manufacturers to politics.

    If you mean specific jobs that use photographs in some way, then again that would be a very long list.

    Just think about the amount of photography you see every day of your life and you should be able to figure out that photography is a big part of virtually every walk of life.

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