What is the ideal aperture and shutter speed settings for outdoor pictures?

Question by b&b photography: What is the ideal aperture and shutter speed settings for outdoor pictures?
I am a photographer, and I want another PROFESSIONAL photographers opinion on what the ideal aperture and shutter speed combination is for outdoor pictures.

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Answer by Pylon
Depends completely on the situation.

Ideally, in broad daylight, use f/8-f/11 and whatever shutter speed your meter selects.

Cloudy day, if you can manage a high enough shutter speed, use that too, but go wider if it’s too dark.

In low light, wide open or a tripod if possible.

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6 Responses to What is the ideal aperture and shutter speed settings for outdoor pictures?

  1. Bruce M says:

    I will take this one..
    Tripod, 100 speed film, f16 and the shutter to adjust for the light (bright light 1/125).. such as cloudy etc.. NOW if the wind is blowing hard and the leaves, trees etc need to be sharp; to stop movement move to 1/500 or 1/1000 and adjust the lens opening ..
    Use of prime non zoom lenses will let you use the depth of field lines to get max out of the lenses..

    Then there are the times when limiting the depth of field works.. not often and almost always due to a model in the photo…

    See, not an easy one shot answer. It is why we get paid the “big” bucks as pros.. *L*..

  2. Ansell A says:

    It depends ENTIRELY on the situation at the time and on what effect you want.

  3. Bruce Michaels says:

    it depends on the effect you’re trying to go for. If you want a shallow depth of field you’re going to want high apertures, between f/2.8 – f/5.6, but otherwise go for f/7.1-f/16 and with those if you keep your camera on Av mode it should give you the best lighting for it. I wouldn’t put too much contrast, as in don’t photograph a subject with the sun right behind them if you’re not planning to retouch it in photoshop or any other program.

  4. FotoZ 4 FX says:

    The wonderful thing about photography is that it’s dependent on light so there is no general setting for ‘outdoor pictures’.

    Anyone who suggests a setting is either fooling you, or kidding themselves.

    You are not a photographer until you earn better than 50% of your income from photography so don’t wear that badge without earning it.

    If you WERE a photographer, you would know better than to ask such a question.

  5. david f says:

    If you’re asking for ‘another’ professional photographer’s opinion, this presumably means that you regard yourself as a professional photographer. If you really are a professional photographer, what on Earth are you doing asking a silly question like this?

  6. libero_photography says:

    I may shoot at f/2.8 on a bright day or may go for f/32. I may want a 3 second exposure on a really bright day, and maybe i need to be above 1/500 on a dark overcast day. What is ‘ideal’ is what is necessary for whatever you’re trying to do

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