What is the difference between a Photography certificate and a degree?

Question by Tiffany: What is the difference between a Photography certificate and a degree?
I need to make a decision on weather or not to just go for a photography certificate or to go to college and get a associates or bachelor degree in photography. I kinda want to start my own business in photography but, im also thinking about Nature Photography and taking photos for a magazine. What I want to know is will I have the same opportunities with a certificate as I would with a degree?

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Answer by Gia D.
A certificate will introduce you to photography, whereas a bachelor will offer you more hands on. You will have the chance to do some freelancing for photographers as internships, do school projects, access to school equipment. After all the certificate or bachelor is for you. Nobody will ask a photographer for his degree. It might help more a bachelor if you join certain photography clubs, forums, websites.
If you are serious about it you should go for bachelor and actual study for it.
I studied at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and it helped me a lot. I had the chance to do internship with one of the best sport photographer and i learn that in photography its all about running your own business.
So my suggestion is go for major in photography and minor in business. Don’t forget to choose your photo preference. In college i choose sport and travel photography and i realized that the money are in weddings and fashion.
Hope this help :-))

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