Utilizing Candle Sconces in Outdoor Settings

If there’s one way to decorate your wall and accent it with low lighting at the same time it’s by using candle sconces. They come in all kinds of metals, usually though they are wrought iron. But you can find them made of silver or brass. They attach securely to any wall and can be made to fit any size candle. Glass coverings protect the walls from accidental fires but most candle sconces stick far out enough from the wall that there is no concern of a fire starting. Using drip-less candles will prevent a mess. Styles include Gothic, the Hemingway sconce, which is has a cage around the candle, traditional and art deco styles as well as too many modern designs to mention. Needless to say their popularity has increased over the years.

They are generally sold in pairs but often times they are sold as single items in case you have need for more than two. These are mass produced and simple in design making them very affordable. Very few candle wall sconces are made of wood but they are out there. But most come in a matte black and work both indoors and out.

If you use them outdoors consider wrought iron candle sconces. They are made for the outdoors and provide a texture unmatched by other metals. Most of the outdoor types are made to hold the large pillar candles. These provide maximum lighting. Despite their size they will easily attach to any exterior wall. Regardless of the size candle you intend to use, hanging the candle sconce with a bracket that can support a pillar candle is always the best way to go.

You can use brass outdoors but be prepared to polish them a lot. Unless of course you want to let your brass candle sconces age to give you a marina look. They make for better outdoor candle sconces than for indoor use nonetheless. They can be expensive, upwards of $ 150 per sconce. But the look they offer an outdoor setting is like nothing else.

Peter Flaherty has been involved with home improvement for seventeen years. He knows all the tool and techniques for the DIY crowd and loves to share his knowledge with the general public. If you are interested in learning more about candle sconces or if you would like information on other candle accessories like candle lanterns, please follow the links provided and you will find all the information you need.

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