Using Long Telephoto Camera Lenses

An introduction to using long or telephoto dslr camera lenses. Lots of people have asked to have camera lenses explained and this is just one of our videos w…

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25 Responses to Using Long Telephoto Camera Lenses

  1. Wayne Giles says:

    Can’t believe nobody’s asked where this video was made. I’m thinking somewhere near Avebury but? Please let me know. Ta

  2. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you – and enjoy practicing with your new lens

  3. Rasidi Rahim says:

    Awesome great tutorial! I’m getting myself a 50-250mm f/4.0-5 !

  4. Mike Browne says:

    If your shutter speed goes to a lower number than she shutter speed then there’s a high chance the image will be blurred because of camera shake if you’re not using a tripod. Have a look at this video /watch?v=s2b62BJIw5c

  5. Rikiboii says:

    My Canon telephoto lens doesn’t have image stabilizer…can I still be able to take good pictures without the use of a tripod or if I don’t have one now?

  6. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you so much:-)

  7. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you:-)

  8. prottoy25 says:

    i love that guy he is a great teacher to teach something easily

  9. Kalpesh Lekhadia says:

    This is exactly the video for which i actually started the entire search. I am absolute beginner in DSLR. so far had used canon powershot S2 IS (now obsolete). And as i wanted to buy a compact DSLRs i came across Sony Alpha NEX 6 (a mirror less camera). I wanted to understand what these different lenses are and if i could replace a prime, macro and other zoom lens with just the kit lens. By watching this video it hints me that i could go for 18-200mm zoom lense and not buy rest of the lenses. 🙂

  10. Mike Browne says:


  11. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you IHateMondayMorning

  12. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you whitedogleeds

  13. whitedogleeds says:

    Really enjoy these videos and just watched your DVD which was delivered next day, thank you! I’m a slow learner by nature but the fun and interesting way these are presented makes me want to keep coming back. Also, it makes a refreshing change from the equipment bores on the internet who’d have you believe a piece of kit was more important than the image itself. Good stuff.

  14. IHateMondayMorning says:

    I’m studying different kinds of shots right now and this video made the theory so much easier to understand, thanks! Love your voice and how clearly you explain everything!

  15. jai309 says:

    I love my 70-200 lens and you have reminded me why! Thank you.

  16. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you

  17. Akm Bulbul says:


  18. Mike Browne says:


  19. Mike Browne says:

    Pleasure Sneath24

  20. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you. Please help us spread the word by ‘liking’ ‘G+ing’, sharing on Facebook etc

  21. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you. Please help us spread the word by ‘liking’ ‘G+ing’, sharing on Facebook etc

  22. Alfredo Trillo says:

    Excelent instructor! The very best in many. Gracias.

  23. Ramtin K says:

    Man i am so glad i clicked on one of your videos! i learned so much more in 1 hour watching your videos than i did in 1 year watching youtube! true story!

  24. Sneath24 says:

    What a great video, I’ve just purchased a 55-300mm lens and you have given me a deeper insight as to what I can do with it, thanks’

  25. Erymar Torres says:

    nice video it makes me feel that im not wasting my money on the canon 75-300mm lens 🙂 Thanks great video 

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