Understand Flash Photography in 10 Minutes or Less

http://improvephotography.com/jims-recommended-photography-gear/recommended-flash-photography-kits/ Understand how to use off-camera flash photography and fi…

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25 Responses to Understand Flash Photography in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. canturgan says:

    Once China starts making cameras Japan will be finished. They make a flash
    almost as good as and more reliable than Canon speedlights for a quarter of
    the price.

  2. Dave Jr says:

    Thxs guys for dumbing i down for this dweeb 🙂 bigtime informative and very
    easy to listen too… keep up good work n hope for future

  3. Anthony Woodruffe says:

    TTL is great! yes you may need to change the output but even entry-level
    Dlsr cameras have Flash exposure compensation, which gives you the control
    of the flash from the camera, without having to walk over to the flash and
    every time.

  4. John Weaver says:

    Can u share which flash, radio triggers, and lightstand? I’m using a Canon
    Rebel T3i (600D). 

  5. Cathy Kaech says:

    Thanks for making this amateur friendly…Love you guys and the way you
    teach. I live in Idaho also.

  6. Rapha Chelero says:

    Wow!!!!! Muy profesional!!!!!

  7. Cilla Latte says:

    Love you GUYS! 

  8. Stuart Coutts says:

    Awesome video. thanks heaps

  9. Savannah G. says:

    What off camera flash is that that you recommend?

  10. Scott Chism says:

    Thanks guys
    This is great info for, like you said and like me, someone just getting
    Been in video for many years and moved to DSLR video learning the beauty of
    that and in all the reading of DSLR for video have a renewed desire to play
    and expand my infant experience of photography.
    I think part of this comes with the incredible availability and economy of
    digital. Years back I shot film and most of it was “shot” after seeing what
    Now the no cost shoot and look and delete gives us wannabes the freedom
    form wasted film.
    Thanks again
    Finally found you after hundreds of searches for just this kind of info.
    Ps already bought the flash on your site demoed here.

  11. robert blossom says:

    thanks so much. you just gave me the courage to use the crap i bought! haha

  12. Claudio Grieco says:

    Shouldn’t you open the umbrella? ;-)

  13. Matt Swift says:

    I am sure this has been said, but you can use your pop up flash as a
    commander for off brand flashes.

  14. igetsmart says:

    Very nice guys – good video and practical as not everyone has mega dollars

  15. Eduardogiven says:

    What brand of radio triggers u recomend? 

  16. Rapha Chelero says:

    Wow!!!!! Muy profesional!!!!!

  17. Francesco Accomando says:

    You made me make my mind up about it. got a 560 YongNuo + transceiver. I’m
    very happy. Thank you!

  18. MatthijsUivel says:

    5:03 … did you just fart?


  19. Mike Montalvo says:

    Understand Flash Photography in 10 Minutes or Less

  20. hiddenhorsham says:

    These guys are just recommending readily available and affordable
    equipment, if you don’t like it choose what you want but don’t knock it!
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Jeremy Rodgers says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been wanting to get into flash
    photography, but wasn’t exactly sure where to begin. This video helped me
    understand what I need without being confusing. Also the links included on
    your website are VERY convenient. I just wish I had found this video before
    I spent hours reading articles that lead me nowhere. 

  22. Cove's Photography says:

    I agree to a certain extent that this is good for photographers starting
    out, however, I don’t see the complications you seem to see with the
    ittl/ettl flash photography. With Nikon, all you need is a mid level
    camera, a Nikon flash and you can change settings without walking over and
    pulling down the stand to access the flash. Also, doing it that way, you
    need to make sure that it’s at the same hight and angle afterward. Buy a
    used SB800 flash, you don’t need a trigger and it’s reliable.

  23. ryanpoorman says:

    this video does not help someone ‘understand’ flash photography. this video
    tells people to buy cheap equipment.

  24. american heart says:

    Thank you, this video was very helpful! I’m just saving up money to buy an
    off-camera flash and didn’t know Pros like you are would recommend a set
    for under $150!! 🙂

  25. Timothy Owen says:

    Awesome vid guys!! Perfect for us noobs 🙂

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