Top photography schools?

Question by xx_saintjamie_xx: Top photography schools?
I’m really interested in photography and I was wondering what some of the top universities/colleges for photography are.

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Answer by scrybbla
University of Davis – California, Near Sacramento – has an excellent photography department staffed by many respected and acknoledged artists.

Brooks institute of Photography – California – i hear is decent i
personally know a few graduates that have become very successful hollywood photographers.

California College Of the Arts (and Craft) – is an arts college with a branch in SF and in Oakland. has a well staffed, well equipt, up to date photography department.

These are a few. there are meny more in northern california.

i attend a Community College and have taken classes at universities. From experiance, i can tell you the while the comm. coll. has less equiptment, it hires retiring professional photographers that have produced world recognized photography and artwork, movie posters, and hollywood movies.

my advice is to put importance on who is teaching the classes and not on the equiptment the college provides to students (which is all you get at a top art school). digital photography requires very little equiptment and most school have a color processer and a B/W lab. so when you go looking at schools you should ask what the teachers have done before they came to teach.

remember once you know the technical aspect you have to develope your eye by practicing your craft. This can not be taught. and is usually done mostly on your own time. So as an artist you do not need an expensive school. i suggest you save your money and start at a community coll. or regular university that has a photography department. learn the basics, develop your eye, and then go to a good trade school to form contacts and develope your skills.

For a good arts school to accept you, you will need to provide a portfolio. And haveing some cheap, basic operational and technical classes on your record will help show your are serious. going through a community coll. gives you a cheap way to develop a good body of work that has been critisized and guided, and develope the neccessary skills to jump right into a good school and get your moneys worth.

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  1. AMDG says:

    Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design ( has a good school of photography.

    There are a small handfull of Nationally known educators and a lot of speakers that go there.

    I have taken a couple of classes there and am very happy with the results that I have gotten.

  2. John Ruiz says:

    I went to Brooks Institute of Photography & now run a successful studio in Dallas, TX. Also there is RISD. Rhode Island School of Design which is really awesome!

    I was also accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design which is another really good school.

  3. kehkohjones says:

    Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

  4. cuzz10211 says:

    I have been doing a lot of research on this as well…one of the best i have found so far is Brooks Institute of Photography which is in California. You can try that one or try one more close to home…good luck!

  5. Alex C says:

    Pratt Institute ,Brooklyn,New York

  6. Vickie R says:

    Depending on what type of photography you are looking to go into, the answers to this question will be different. When I was looking for school with a good portrait program there were 3 that got good reviews. There was Brooks Art Institute in CA , The Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology, and there’s one in MA that I can’t remember the name of. That almost covers any part of the US you may be in.

    Schools that specialize in photography programs are your best bet. When I went to school I was able to work with Nikon, Canon, Mamiya & Hasselblad cameras, different lights from different companies, as well as different backgrounds and props from different companies. No other school can give you the opportunity to try all those types of things hands on. Because of that, I was able to make a more educated desicion about which DSLR I purchased, and my lighting system.

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