TOP 10 Tips for Smartphone CAMERA + Android & iOS

TOP 10 Tips for Smartphone CAMERA + Android & iOS

Check out my channel In this video I give you guys Tips and Tricks to Take Better Pictures with your smartphone camera, for both An…
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25 Responses to TOP 10 Tips for Smartphone CAMERA + Android & iOS

  1. Adam Alee says:

    SmartPhone PHOTOGRAPHY Tips & Tricks
    My Latest Video !!
    Share it 🙂

    #android #androidphotography #android44 #androidphotographers #smartphone

  2. Ch3ckerzHD says:

    Thank you 🙂 

  3. sami aklilu says:

    Holding breath has nothing to do with shaky hands. Lol awesome video BTW.

  4. Robyn Daly says:

    Thanks all these tips were very helpful. :)

  5. Corrin Easley says:

    Yeah, the light should be behind you so it highlights what you’re taking a
    picture of. Phone cameras have a hard time shooting into the light, and
    people turn out dark because the contrast is too great for it to correctly
    expose the people.

  6. Zé Belchior says:

    Once again Focal is not a camera app by CyanogenMod

  7. TechandMe says:

    i’m doing the a video on a similar subject .. will be uploaded tomorrow if
    i can edit it tonight .. Till then try Clean Master

  8. Irving Lopez says:

    In the scale from 1 to 10 it’s a win! This video was awesome!

  9. Yosia Oscar says:

    pixlr express please

  10. TechandMe says:

    I’m using KG Lego House font found with ifont app (great app)

  11. Trevor C says:

    By cropping or zooming you are still losing pixels than you cannot afford
    to lose on a small 5MP camera. By standing closer you get the same results
    without losing any pixels. A smartphone only has an optical zoom (and not a
    real zoom) which is the same as cropping.

  12. Deondrae says:

    Too many tips

  13. shaber samir says:

    Haiwan is back

  14. TechandMe says:

    Thanks Appreciate it

  15. Benjamin Gee says:

    I recomend Camera MX

  16. anika zaman says:

    Great as usual… but upload about editing tools as well 🙂

  17. Junhan Tan says:

    May I know what is your font name?

  18. TechandMe says:

    Thanks for the info.. Just looked it up .. the creator of focal was
    developing for CM

  19. نصر العبري says:

    Camera ZOOM FX

  20. Clinton R says:

    Which ROM are you using???? How to make the status bar icons white ??

  21. MUS BOK says:

    Thx man. You’re awesome!!

  22. Rahul Chowdhury says:

    you indeed a tech geek …becoming a fan of you ..thanks

  23. Chinmay Sawant says:

    Picsart review plz

  24. DerRenoe says:

    Another awesome iOS Camera is Blux Pro! It’s Not free but really really

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