Tips & Tricks 8

A couple of great tips for the studio still life photographer Phillip McCordall shows all the secrets of photographing bottles , drinks , food and many other…
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25 Responses to Tips & Tricks 8

  1. Angus Yuen says:

    My wine bottle picture always have camera, continue lighting heads, studio
    curtain even photographer images on the bottle. How to get rid of these
    unwanted images ? Many thanks. 

  2. Ezio Falco says:

    Einstein? Just a beginner, compared to you, ahah! Wonderful tips, Phillip.

  3. sandiegophoto64 says:

    Okay…. awesome tip here… I have a gig for a wine bottle, and i need it
    to pop better than the company was doing before… I’ll be trying some of
    this out! 

  4. Felix Wu says:

    I found your videos unbelievably inspiring! These trips and tricks you
    teach are just priceless. Very enjoyable to watch. Thank you. :)

  5. Angus Yuen says:

    Thank you Mr. McCordall, will give it a try. 

  6. Timothy Bridge says:

    Haha you’re awesome!

  7. trans355am says:

    This guy is awesome haha!

  8. smozzie24 says:

    You are a genius and funny too. I’ve just come across your tutorials and
    they are so helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  9. Ivan Vilches says:

    what kind of spray is? deodorant? thanks.

  10. Alex Borghi says:


  11. Nellie N says:


  12. Med Mahogany says:

    WOW!!! :)

  13. Deirdre Legg says:

    Heya, so many people who do these vids have an underlying tone that makes
    one feel pressured. They don’t do it on purpose but ‘Do it this way or die’
    just makes a person freak out, always striving for perfection on the first
    photo. I’ve been an artist for most of my life and decided to pick up my
    camera, turn it to manual and take the pictures I need for my work. wow..
    so much to learn. But when watching and reading so much info on techniques
    you tend to just crash and burn. I found your lessons today. I’ve put the
    unicorns back in with the purple dragons and am starting to do that
    breathing thing again… Thanks a bunch for what you do.

  14. TheHabihan says:

    what kind of spray did you use Mr. McCordall?

  15. Phillip McCordall says:

    Makes the studio smell good as well 🙂

  16. 20goto10 says:

    The deodorant trick is excellent! Will deffo have to remember it. Thanks
    for uploading and sharing your knowledge through these videos!

  17. Vladimir Ladev says:

    pure gold, thank you kind sir 🙂

  18. Phillip McCordall says:

    There’s plenty I don’t know but if I’m stuck, i just make it up 🙂 In fact
    I’m not very good on anything technical, like histograms etc but I’m
    learning slowly. You may be surprised to know that I never use a flash
    meter in the studio well not for 20 years when my last one broke, although
    I’ll buy one soon for a couple of videos, I live by guesswork and if that
    doesn’t work I try another way 🙂 Phill

  19. youutubestinks says:


  20. Montassar ZAYER says:


  21. Santiago Castillo says:

    You are the best Phillip! I really enjoy your videos.

  22. Aditya Khanna says:

    you are one funny fellow.. just love your videos .. learning from em and
    enjoying em at the same time.. 🙂

  23. violinstudiolab says:

    you are lovely! thanks for this video 🙂

  24. mariosam2 says:

    man you re the best

  25. Alessio Fangano says:

    Hi Phil, I was wondering if a polarizer would be helpful in cutting down
    those specular highlights on the glass bottle. Loved the paint and
    duct-tape tips!! Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise 🙂

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